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This year was the first year of Good Things Festival in Australia and man I can guarantee it was full of Good Things. From a Killer line up to the Artist signing tents, bars and the ride area you knew you were in for a sweet festival of Rock, metal and punk music which left little for the heart to desire.


Twinmusix walked into the festival grounds of Parramatta park on Saturday morning and we were ready to rock and have an amazing time at Good Things festival. With such an Amazing lineup including The Offspring, Dashboard Confessionals, Stone Sour, Dropkick Murphys, The Used, Baby Metal and Mayday parade it was almost impossible to pick which acts you wanted to see live.



As The Offspring took the stage as the headliner for the night I was excited to watch this, the fans were headbanging and singing the lyrics to every song that The Offsprings were singing. The atmosphere was unbelievable and I can confidently say that this is a head liner you won't be forgetting any time soon. If you get a chance I recommend seeing them live as the set is full of energy and excitement.


The Offspring kicked off there carrer when buddies Dexter and Greg K decided to start a band of their own in Garden Grove, California.  The Offspring have released twenty one records, performed countless shows around the globe. The Offspring have had an astonishing amount of hits over the years including "Self Esteem, Come Out And Play, The Kids Aren't Alright, Hammerhead, Original Prankster, Pretty Fly and You're Gonna Go Far, Kid." The current line up consists of Dexter Holland on vocals and guitar, Noodles on guitar, Greg K on bass and Pete Parada on drums. 




Stone Sour headlined Stage two and as always Stone Sour and Corey Taylor took it to another level. The crowd were pumped, the confetti gun was ready to go, the pyrotechnics were off the charts and it was a fun show for all.


Stone Sour was formed in 1992. In 2002 Stone Sour released there self titled album 'Stone Sour'.In 2006 Stone Sour released 'Come what(ever) May'. In 2010 Stone Sour released 'Audio Secrecy' and released a live DVD 'Live at Brighton'. In 2012 and 2013 Stone Sour released 'House of Gold and Bones part one and two' and In 2017 Stone Sour released 'Hydrograd'. The band members are frontman and founder Corey Taylor on lead vocals and guitar, Josh Rand on rhythm guitar, Roy Mayorga on drums, Johny Chow on bass guitar, backing vocals and Christian Martucci on lead guitar and backing vocals.



BABYMETAL were the most anticipated act of the day in my books, I was so excited to watch this and see what songs they choose to play live. As they played two of my favorite songs 'Gimme Chocolate and Catch me if you can' I knew it was going to be a fantastic set full of fun. The crowd was moshing and headbanging and it was fantastic to see the one and only Baby Metal in Australia.


BABYMETAL were formed in 2010. In March 2014, they took to the stage at Nippon Budokan over two days, making them the youngest female act to perform there. Their first studio album BABYMETAL made it to the US Billboard charts and BABYMETAL embarked on their first world tour, and performed at UK’s prodigious Sonisphere Festival.

In April 2016, BABYMETAL released their second album METAL RESISTANCE. It made the charts in Japan and became the highest charting Japanese band ever on UK. It landed at #15 in the UK and #39 on the U.S. Billboard Charts. BABYMETAL have performed with acts including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Judas Priest. 



With an array on amazing bands  Dropkick Murphys played at Good Things in Sydney. They put on a fantastic performance and interacted with their fans for the entire set. As the came down to the barriers and sung with their fans while pointing their microphones into the crowd.

Dropkick Murphys are an American Celtic punk band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1996.The Dropkick Murphys have released numerous singles, EP's, live album, a DVD, performed on tribute albums including Built for Speed: A Motörhead Tribute and six full length albums.  Dropkick Murphys have had countless hits including "Tessie and I'm shipping up to Boston". The members in the Dropkick Murphys are Al Barr, Tim Brennan, Ken Casey, Jeff DaRosa, Matt Kelly and James Lynch.




The Used played all there hits blistering, high energy live shows, gut wrenchingly relatable lyrics and melodies that blend pop sensibility with hard rock. Bert McCracken brought his daughter up on stage for a few songs to sing with him. It was a truly touching moment and everyone thought it was so sweet. The Used put on a set full of Good Things. 

The Used are a American post-hardcore band from Orem, Utah comprised of Bert McCracken (vocals), Jeph Howard (bass) and Dan Whiteside (drums). The Used have seventeen studio album, and have toured the world with their success. 


Good Things festival was off the charts and it was put together well by the promoters. It is great to have new festivals hit the Australian music scene and we need them to keep the world of rock and metal alive. We can't wait for Good Things festival to hit our shores next year and we look forward to seeing the next line up.


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