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Gilby Clarke is a musician, song writer and producer from America. He is most well known for his three year stint with Guns and Roses when he performed on the "Illusion world tour" . He had a successful career with Guns and Roses and appeared on the GN’R albums’ The Spaghetti Incident, Live Era ’88 – ’91 and Greatest Hits. While a member of the band he received a MTV Video Vanguard Award. Throughout his career he has also played with bands such as MC5 and Slashes Snake pit.

Gilby started his solo career in 1994, he released his first album with producer Robert Wachtel and played on the album with Pixies vocalist Frank Black, guitarist Ryan Roxie and Skid Rows drummer Rob Affuso along with others.

Gilby Clarke played in Cannberra last night, when I walked into the venue i looked up and there were guitars hanging from the ceiling and there was a black board with singutres of all the bands that have previously played there. The crowd was buzzing and the fans were waiting for gilby to come on stage.

When Gilby walked out he Opened with the song 'wasn't yesterday great' the crowd were singing from the word go and loving every moment of it.   This song was from the "hang over" album and was released in 1997. Then he played an amazing cover of "It’s only Rock n Roll", this song was orinagially by the rolling stones and was a big influence on his music. They proceeded to sing 'Dirty Deeds ' by AC/DC.

Gilby played “Cure me or Kill Me”, from his album "Pawnshop Guitars"  which was released in 1994, this song is from his first solo album and brought great memories back for the crowd. then he introduced the band with Bobby on bass, Jordan on Drums and  Joel on guitar. He proceeded to invite Virginia from lillye  to play on stage to sing a Guns and Roses song, her vocals were perfect for the song and she smashed it out of the park.

Gilby performed "Monkey Chow" last night , he originally wrote this song with "Slashes Snakepit" in 1995, this song got the crowd puming and wanting more.

'Tijuana Jail' was the last sing of the night and brought the night to a fantastic close. It was a great night of his hits and covers, so if you are free tonight make sure you heas to frankies pizza for one hell of a show.

Gilby has also played on the albums:

SoloEditPawnshop Guitars (1994)
Blooze E.P. (1995)
TheHangover (1997)
Rubber (1998)99 Live (1999)
Swag (2002)
Gilby Clarke (2007)

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