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For All Eternity

Twinmusix Chat With Shane From For All Eternity About Their New Album And More

What can fans expect from your New Album?

 people who are familiar with our music can expect a different sound, in the past we stuck to a different formula, into regards how we sound , I feel like this was a bit of a leap in a different direction a direction that people wouldn't normally expect from our band, the soundscapes on the record allowed and far-reaching, vocalialy there is a lot more to offer under new record from both myself and Michael our clean singer, I'm excited to see how people react to our sound.

Who writes the music in your band?

 primarily our guitarist Nick Wright's all the music and I write all the vocals, our guitarist is a music producer so he is really good at putting songs together and sing structure, what happens if he writes all of the songs then send them to me so I can write the lyrics.

 what was your experience like playing at face down festival?

 facedown festival was amazing and we've done that for a couple of years now, no idea what to expect we were Australian band going over for the first time, when we played everyone was singing along it was really incredible that people overseas new our music.

 if you could play any festival what would you play and why?

 I would play Warped Tour in the states, I think it's the last tour next year but it would be amazing to play.

 who influenced your style of music?

 underoath, As I Lay Dying , Breaking Benjamin I take parts of what I do from different areas, even more current bands influence me.

 can you tell us about your experience working with Josh Schroeder in Michigan?

It was amazing to work together, really switched on and knew the direction we wanted to go, he's a amazing producer.

How did you come up with your band name?

 we were trying to think of anything you need to and different from what we had already heard, I thought the word eternity was a really powerful and inspiring word and imfernet.

 in 2015 you're album metanoia received 23 on the Billboard charts and 21 under heatseekers charts how did this make you feel?

 We Signed with face down records based out of California, that was the first legal re-signed me of that got us in contention for the Billboard charts, it was the second largest selling debut album in the labels 20 year history.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would be and which style?

Metallica playing our new song Derailed in a Blues style.

 do you prefer playing in bigger or smaller venues?

 I don't have a preference the band doesn't mind a good show is a good show if people are enjoying themselves and having a good time that's all that matters.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

 we really hope people are interested in the record and pick it up and listen to it

Download ‘’Derailed’’ below:




The eagerly anticipated sophomore album from For All Eternity: The Will To Rebuild drops December 15.


Order it Via iTunes: HERE

Physical Order: HERE

For All Eternity on Facebook: HERE

Check Out Press Release - HERE

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