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We got to speak to Francesco Paoli from Fleshgod Apocalypse about their upcoming tour and more.
TM - Hi, This is Amelia from twinmusix, Thank You for having this call with me today. How are you?

FP - I am good Thank You, How are You?
TM - I am good. Are you excited to be coming to Australia?
FP - We are, We love Australia. It is a great country. Every time we come to Australia we enjoy the shows and the time off. We haven't toured much this year because we wanted to let the album breathe a bit before playing the songs live. We are ready to play and we really want it. It will be super cool.
TM - What are you most looking forward to doing in Australia?
FP - I think we have a few days off when we come from China to Australia. We will meet old friends, wander around the city. We always add some sightseeing. We are excited to play in locations that we haven't played yet.
TM - What can fans expect from your Australian show?
FP - First of all the band is in their best shape ever. We have a long setlist, some new elements of production and we are bringing the light show we had in Europe. It will be massive and it is our biggest show that we have brought to Australia. We are very thankful and want to say Thank You to all our fans. 
TM - We cannot wait to have you here, we are excited. You have played Hellfest, how was it?
FP - Hellfest was great, we have played a lot of different festivals in Europe. The good thing about playing in Europe is, we can travel with full production because we live in Europe. The dream is to have the same production everywhere in the world. We are still young and growing, it requires, time, work and a lot of playing to build your fan base.
TM - If you could have any band perform one of your songs, which band would it be, which song would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?
FP - That's a super complicated question, I'm not sure.
TM - If you could collaborate with any band who would it be and why?
FP - I don't know, I am a fan of so many bands. Lady Gaga maybe. 
TM - That would be cool.
FP - I would love to be in her production, I think it would be cool to have dancers on stage one time In your life.
TM - She has an amazing voice as well.
FP - Not just that, her shows are extreme. It is great, I think it is a good fit.
TM - It would definitely be a great show. What Is your favorite memory watching someone else perform live, can you tell us a story?
FP - I think Rammstein is the most impressive act I have ever seen. It's something you can't explain, it's perfection, it's great. The songs are great and the live show is unbelievable.
TM - I haven't seen them live yet.
FP - It is an experience, especially if you can see them in Europe.
TM - Hopefully I get to see them next year.
TM - Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?
FP - Thank You for the support and for buying our music. I am very thankful and I love our fans. Thank You for your support and for coming out to our shows. We hope to see you again, both old fans and new fans.
TM - Thank You for the interview today, we really appreciate it and we cannot wait to see you in Australia. 

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