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Fleshgod Apocalypse are a orchestral death metal band from Italy. The band was formed in 2007 and the members is the band are Francesco Paoli on Vocals, Guitar and Drums, Paolo Rossi on Vocals and Bass, Francesco Ferrini on Piano, Veronica Bordacchini with Soprano vocals, Fabio Bartoletti on Lead guitar and David Folchitto on Drums.

We got to speak to Francesco Paoli about their up coming album and more. 

TM - Thank You for taking this call with me today. 

FP - No problem, what is the time there?

TM - 7:20 am, what about you?

FP - 11 am

TM - I hope I didn't wake you up.

FP - No you did not, I am one of those people who go to sleep early and wake up early. I have just been touring for a month, I toured the United States, North America, and Canada. When I go home I take to take my time.

TM - Do you have Jet lag?

FP - No, I had some Jet lag for 2 or 3 days, then I had some press days. In 4 days, I leave for Latin America and I will have 6 hours jet lag. It is pretty hectic right now.
TM - You just said you are going to tour Latin America, what can fans expect from that tour?

FP - The people there really enjoy the shows, so it is massive. Everyone is really enthusiastic so we can't wait to go and play shows there. We are going to play all the main countries in South America then we move up to Latin America then we go up to Mexico. We have been around these areas once so we cannot and we have big expectations for this tour.

TM - You are bringing out your new album soon, what can fans expect?

FP - This album is way different from the album that we have brought out before, actually, all the albums are very different. We like and enjoy the creative process so we spend a lot of time writing and composing songs and all the aspects. We take care of the concept of the album and the visuals.

Fans can expect something more aggressive, Pure and Natural. Our new album is a little more spontaneous as we wrote this song in a bigger time frame. We wanted to explore and experiment with acoustic instruments. We invested a lot of time into the piano parts of this album. The songwriters have always been the same so the feeling is still FleshGod.

TM - Who designed your album cover and what is the meaning behind it?

FP - The album cover is about the poisoning between man and nature. In every song, we debate and treat a different subject. We called the album VELENO, it means venom in English. The album cover is about self-sabotage and self-destruction of human beings. Every time you have to deal with something that is bigger than him he puts himself into some type of comfort zone and technically this is poisoning yourself. 
It is a very progressive cover because there are a lot of icons that are related to every song on the album. The album cover is interesting to discover with the booklet. It is definitely a journey, I think this is our best album cover ever.

TM - What inspired you to put an opera singer in a death metal band?

FP - We invented opera in Florence, so we wanted to integrate an Italian aspect. As we are a symphonic band, we wanted to add something that was 100% Italian. We have a friend that was an opera singer so we thought why not integrate her into the album. Then we thought why don't you put this opera thing live. 

After labyrinth in 2013, Veronica joined the band. She has been in the band for six years and it is great. She is a very talented singer and super tight, especially live. Veronica delivers outstanding performances every night. We are really happy to have her in the lineup, it gives us more strength and makes this band more unique. 

TM - That is sweet, I love how you have incorporated that into your band.

TM - You got to play Wacken Open Air, what is your favorite memory of playing it?

FP -  Every metal musician dreams to play at Wacken Open Air. When you play Wacken, you start to feel a little bit of pressure. Playing rock and roll so deep strong is emotional. I do not even remember it when I look at the videos and pictures I think "s*** I have done it". You realise it is only a starting point. We played Wacken after six or seven years of opportunity. 

Now we have bigger production, bigger stages and it is very satisfying. We are very proud and satisfied with what we have done and we look forward to the next Wacken. 

TM - If you could have any band perform one of your songs, which band would it be, which song would it be and would have been your style of their style?

FP - This is very tricky as I have never thought about this. I would pick  Lady Gaga and one of our heavier songs in her style. I would like to see what she would do with this song.

TM - That would be cool to see, she has a good voice too.

TM - This is the last question, is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

FP - I really hope you like the new stuff that we put out, we have put a lot of thought into it. We have a new CD and the live DVD that we recorded in Toronto last year. We really hope you enjoy the new CD and we will hope to come back to Australia. I cannot wait to come back and do a bigger setlist with a bigger production.
Thank You for the interview and I can't wait to see everyone at an Australia shows as soon as possible.


TM - Thank You for the interview today. Hopefully, we get to see you in Australia sometime soon. 

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