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Flaming wreckage


TM - Hi, this is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix and we are here with Dave from Flaming Wreckage. Thank You for having this interview with us today we appreciate it.


DE - Thank You.


TM - How did fans respond to your new album?


DE - It has been amazing, we had a sick little release party at Young Henrys. We brought all our mates together and talked about music and metal and celebrated the new album, everything has been amazing, it's been awesome.


TM - What was your writing and recording process for your new album?


DE - We worked with Chris from Melbourne from a band called Orpheus Omega. He is a killer engineer and we have had this really good relationship over the years just working together. We didn't even think twice about working with anyone else, he is almost a member of the band and we spent a lot of time doing pre-production with him. We did a lot of online sessions, we wanted to make sure all the structures of these songs were nailed in before we went to the studio and all that time on pre-production helped us be more experimental when it came to the record. We did some stuff that we had never done before like a 12-string guitar and stuff like that made the song so much bigger.


TM - You have a launch show coming up soon, can you tell us more about it?


DE - We have a launch show coming up at the Lansdowne on the 8th of June, that will be the biggest show. We are putting the setlist together at the moment that will be killer. It will be a cool journey from the beginning of the show to the end of the show.


TM - What other shows do you have coming up?


DE - We are going to Europe in November and we are excited about it. We haven't been to Europe since 2018 so it will be exciting to get out there and play songs from our albums live on stage, that's where it feels like the hard work is paying off being able to get the album out there.


TM - What's your favourite memory from Europe?


DE - We were in Belgium and I went to a place called Music City, it's a proper dive bar, you walk down this Alley and there is a music venue at the end of it. I remember there was no kitchen there and there was a rider and the promoter and he brought a gas stove and a wok with him and said as part of the deal I have to cook you guys food and it was incredible.


TM - Who designed your album cover and is there a meaning behind it?


DE - We use a Brazilian guy called Tadeu at dark. Visage, He is amazing for vinyl. I have always wanted a cover that has had a landscape element. He uses oil paints and it was perfect for the concept that we were going for. The concept it ties into a lot of the lyrics.


TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be, what song would it be and would it be in your style or their style?


DE - I am really into covers that metal bands do that aren't metal. If you are going to do something to something that is not metal. Children of Bodom do some wild covers, I like that kind of stuff. I listen to a lot of rock and roll, I reckon c.o.f.f.i.n would do a pretty good cover of one of our songs.


TM - What is your favourite memory of watching someone else perform live?


DE - I was thinking about this the other day. I was just reminiscing on how many times I've seen Lamb of God. I saw them on the tour at Luna Park in Sydney I remember being so pumped and having absolutely no fear just running into the middle of a wall of death not even considering that I might get knocked out or anything. When I was 18 to about 20 I would get pretty wild in mosh pits. I thought there was no consequence and I would never get hurt. A guy got his shoulder dislocated so that was a reminder that when you get in there anything can happen those lamb and God shows we're always pretty wild.

TM - What was the first band you saw live as a kid and can you tell us a story?


DE - As a kid, I saw a blues guitarist called Jeff Lang at the opera house. I was learning to play guitar at that time and my uncle taught me how to play guitar. He brought me along to that gig and I was blown away with what he could do on a guitar. It was a solo show and it was killer. I think the first heavy show I went to was Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine at the Holden Pavilion and I have been going to as many gigs as I can ever since.


TM - If you could play any festival in the world what would it be?


DE - Hellfest in France would be up there. I feel like every year that lineup comes out and it's amazing how many huge bands can play on one bill.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


DE - I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has gotten behind this album. The reaction has been killer and it is connecting with a lot of people. It means a lot and hopefully, we see everyone at these shows we have coming up.


TM - Thank you for having this interview with us today we appreciate it.

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