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Faster Pussycat released their self-titled debut album in 1987 and it  featured the hits, “Don’t Change That Song”, “Bathroom Wall” and “Cathouse”. Their follow up in 1989, “Wake Me When It’s Over” saw the band experience their greatest success driven by the worldwide hit single, “House of Pain”. That album also featured fan faves, “Where Theres a Whip There’s A Way”, “Poison Ivy” and “Pulling Weeds”. In 1992, the band would release the final album with their classic line up, “Whipped”. The consistency of solid songwriting and catchy hooks continued with Whipped and included live staple “Jack The Bastard”.

Downe took the band on an experimental phase at the turn of the millennium with a heavier industrial tinged sound on “The Power And The Glory Hole” which was released in 2006. The band toured Australia off the back of that album, on their first ever visit, in 2008.

Faster Pussycat will be Returning to Australia after 11 Years and are ready to rock. Twinmusix got to speak to Taime Downe about Faster Pussycats upcoming tour and more.


TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

TD - We just play rock and roll come and do some songs we are looking forward to it 

TM - You haven't been here in 11 years what are you most looking forward to?

TD - I don't know last time we were there it was a long time ago and we're a pretty f***** up and it was kind of a blur because then metre over there it is so fast, you'll get there you play a gig you go to the next city you playing. After the gig you don't really have enough time to go and do anything, it is going to be the same again because then we fly back and do the Monsters of Rock cruise. We have done every single cruise one science it started. It is cool to do a couple of shows and hang out, I have been sober for almost 2 years and all I used to do was smoke and drink now I don't do either so it's kind of weird.

TM - Wow, congratulations that's Awesome. You should be proud of yourself! 

TD - It's weird it is definitely some life changing stuff. I don't get hangovers anymore and not smoking is good I have smoked since I was in junior high school. 

TM - Wow, that is a long time

TD -  I feel a lot better I can walk up the street without getting winded and going out s*** I need a beer or drink now.  I get up in the morning and walk a few miles every day it is a bit different but I'm still here which is the most important thing.

TM - The is cool dude, I try and do my eight kilometer walk ervery day. I don't drink much either anymore.

TD - I am not a Preacher I quit cos I had to, it was weird doing gigs and not being buzzed when I first stopped drinking. I had never done a gig not buzzed before science I started but then I got used to it and that made it easier but then I got used to it and it made it easier to do gigs. I used to get a little sloppy sometimes but now I'm just more coherent I would get nervous if I didn't drink now I would get nervous if I did drink now I hear everyone else's f*** ups.

TM - Do you still go out to bars?

TD - Last night I went to a friend's birthday at the whiskey and it just made it tough. I wanted to have a drink cigarette and drugs because that went hand in hand with me, now I can go into a bar and have water before I couldn't go into a bar unless I had a beer or a Jack and Coke and now I'm like I don't need it I been there and done that. So many times I can be in a bar and drink water which I felt retarded doing before and they had my friends that didn't drink and I was like oh my god you guys are so retarded not drinking before that was all I knew.

 I don't go out as much as I used to I didn't go out much anyway but now I don't drink I go out even less I do other stuff I have a motorcycle I get out and go for a ride up the coast.

TM - What motorbike do you have?

TD - I have a Harley-Davidson it's badass

TM - I like motorbikes Harley-Davidsons are sweet, expect my dream car is a Mustang.

TD - My first car was a 65 Mustang it belong to my uncle's and I inherited it was full of cigarette butts I painted it and fixed it up and made it all nice. 

TM - Thats awesome dude, I could talk about cars all day (laughs) let's get back to the interview questions.


TM - You toured with bands such as LA Guns and Motorhead can you tell us a tour story?

TD - We have toured with LA guns so many times they are like our brothers. Tracy has even used my band I remember in 2001 we were going to Canada and they turned us away we didn't even get to go into Canada. He had to go back to Detroit they were trying to find drugs and they couldn't find them mystic they couldn't understand


TM - What's your favourite memory of watching a different band play live?

TD - I remember L7 in Chicago at this club called The Vic I remember watching them going these are the coolest rocking chicks on the planet.

I also remember seeing 9 inch nails on the Pre runs before the downward spiral, 9 inch nails tour and it was so good that show stands out. I am 54, I have seen a lot of bands, I hace seen a lot of shows but those two stand out I think Manson opened up for them which was cool.


TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

TD - There are so many bands that I like it would be cool to have someone different it would be cool to hear. Nine Inch Nails do one of our songs in their style or maybe Cheap Trick.


TM - You started a band called Newly Deads can you tell us more about that?

TD -  When I went to Chicago there was this band called pigface, it formed out of the same thing that Nine Inch Nails formed out of Pig Face. People from Ministry and Trent used to be in Pig Face as well in between faster and that I went out to Chicago and did a tour with them and when I came back I formed the New Reads. I started doing the Pretty Ugly Club and Chad Danny and Christian that are in Faster now were in the Newly Reads as well it's rock undertones and loops as I got into working with computers back then.

TM - You wrote a song called Porn Stars were you used porn stars in the recording is there a video for that?

TD - No there is not there was almost s*** done when we were recording it we were doing stuff in the studio we should of done a video for that.

TM - Yeh I heard you had girls in the studio doing some crazy stuff. Would your ever consider making one?

TD - we have talked about it, I am not sure. It is always a possibility.

TM - (laughs) sounds good, if you ever make one send a copy our way.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

TD - We are looking forward to coming to Australia again and playing for everyone.

TM - Awesome, Thank You so much for the interview today. We look forward to seeing you in Sydney. 



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