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FALLUJAH are a Atmospheric Metal band and were formed in San Francisco Bay Area, CA in 2007. The members in the band are Antonio Palermo on Vocals,Scott Carstairs on Guitars, Robert Morey on Bass and Andrew Baird on Drums. 

We got to speak to Scott Carstairs about his new album and more. 

TM - Hi, this is Amelia from Twinmusix, thank you for taking this call with me today. How are you?

SC - Good but could I'm in LA just got back from tour. How are you?

TM - I'm good Thank You. How was your tour?

SC - This has been a busy tour, I think I have done an interview every day. My favourite place was in Spain, we hung out on the beach and checked places out.


TM - Nice, I have been to Barcelona. It is a great place. 

TM - What's your favorite thing to do in LA?

SC - The food is really good and so are our comedy clubs and Korean BBQ have you ever had Korean BBQ.

TM - Yes I love Korean BBQ.

SC - I don't know if you're a vegetarian or vegan but there's this place called Animal and it's a really good place. They do all this really weird stuff like bone marrow but they do it in this really hipster way it tastes really good.

You go to Fairfax Street, that is where they have all the really hip restaurants really cool stores. The pop up shops different hip hop artists and people doing shops there's always a crazy line down the street with people trying to get to the supreme store it's pretty instering.

TM - Are you into Hiphop?

SC - Yeah I'm into some hip-hop my girlfriend really likes it so I listen to tons of different music.

TM - That's cool, I listen to a bit of everything too.

TM - Your releasing your new album Undying Light next week what can fans expect?

SC - Fans can expect something very dark heavy and diverse. We try to make a sound that was cohesive through the whole record give the record a character but explore that type of sound in diffrent ways.

TM - What was your writing and recording process for Your new album Undying Light?

SC - We write and get all the stuff ready by ourselves then we record The guitars and bass guitar at our own studio and get all that ready. Then when we get that done and we take it to Mark Woods who has a studio in Nashville then he records drums and vocals and re amps the guitars. We have recorded and mixed and masters it took 3 months to do the whole album.


TM - How do you pick the final selection of songs for your record?

SC - We will get 15 ideas out there songs that are half done or completely done and then we get the vibe of what we will write for and at that point it's like figuring out the balance of the record whether it will be fast and intense or slower.

TM - You support a Black Dahlia Murder through the US what was your favourite part of this tour?

SC -  It was the second time touring with them and it was really cool to get to know them and seeing the outlook on everything and how to do business. There is  a lot of memories in hanging out in the green room and just talking about stuff it's always good to hang out with them.

TM - I saw Black Dahlia Murder in Australia they were really good. 

TM - Are you coming to Australia?

SC - We are hoping to come back to Australia we have had some offers we are trying to figure out our timetable.

TM - Hopefully we see you here soon!

TM - If you could play any festivals what would you choose and why?

SC - Hellfest, I would love to go just to watch it or play it it's such a good festival.

TM - What was your favorite memory playing Hellfest?

SC - It was the most amount of people that we have ever played in front of it was about 10000 people and we were playing in a tent it was an amazing show and the rest of the day was so much fun.

TM - I love Hellfest, it is the best festival in the world. I can't wait to go back. 

TM - How did you come to get signed by Nuclear Blast?

SC - All Shall Perish kept on showing out demos to the people at Nuclear Blast and after we brought out the second record Nuclear Blast were interested in us and then we made a deal.


TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

SC - Radiohead playing one of our songs in their style

TM - Anything else you want to say to your fans?

SC - listen to our music put it on your headphones and fully Immerse yourself.

TM - Thank You for the interview today, I really appreciate it and hope to see you in Australia sometime soon.

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