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Last night Mr Big and Extreme played a sold out show at the Enmore Theater in Sydney and it was a phenomenal show! There is only one word i can think of to describe it ... WOW!!!


The First band of the night was Mr Big and put on amazing show with so many hits from over the years, including Daddy, Take Cover, Rock and Roll Over and Take a Walk. They definitely gave their fans the full package of watching two big names play on one bill.

As Extreme walked on stage the lights were out, as the lights turned on Extreme started playing"Monster" on the first note Gary started singing and the audience went crazy with excitement .


At the end of the song Gary said "Sydney, are you ready for this" the crowd cheered.Then Gary said again "Are you ready for this" again and the crowd cheered even louder . Gary interacted with the crowd then Extreme started playing "Horny", and Nuno played an epic guitar solo halfway through the song.


Extreme went straight into the song "GTFO", as the sound of the bass filled the room the rest of the band joined in. Then Nuno interacted with the crowd and said "I want to hear you sing it" and the crowd joined in for every word of the chorus. Then Extreme played "R.I.P" Followed by "Hip Today" which was released in 1995 on their album Waiting for the Punchline.

Nuno said "Sydney how are you feeling today, lets see how your feeling" and started singing "yeh, yeh, yeh" and the crowd sung it back in unision as the band continue with the song "play".

Extreme walked off stage and Kevin stayed on stage to play a drum solo. Then Extreme walked back on stage and played "Tragic/ Hole and Midnight". As the band walked off stage, Nuno stayed on stage to play a solo. Extreme then played "Cupid and Change". The lights turned off and a spot light shined over the stage, Extreme started playing "Alive" the lights turned on and the band really got into the song.


"we're going to try and play some local Australian music this is some s*** that we studied from Down Under. This is from deel down South and I hope you guys all recognise it very very soon and if you're trying to find a petrol installing well there it is well here we go so Extreme played "Mtw". The next song of the night was "Bumble/He Man"audience rocked along to the music.

Extreme finished off the night with their hit song "Dance" and the audience were dancing and singing along to every beat and word. After the show was over Extreme jumped onto the front barriers and touched as many fans hands as possible. Everyone loved the show! It was an amazing show and Extreme really went out with a bang!


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