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Last night ‘Escape the Fate’ played at the Manning Bar to an almost sold out crowd. Before Escape the Fate even hit the stage the Crowd started chanting "Escape the Fate". Bohemian Rhapsody started blaring from the speakers and everyone was singing along, all of a sudden the music stopped and everyone started cheering as the band came out on stage one by one. ‘Escape the Fate’ waved to all their fans as they took their positions on stage ‘Escape the Fate’ jumped straight into their first song ‘Won’t Back Down’ followed by ‘To The Next One’ and the crowd cheered.

Craig thanked everyone for being at the show and continued to play ‘About a girl, Ashley and something’. After these songs Craig said "Put your hands together right now for, “Between the Kings’ and ‘Awaken I Am’ as the crowd clapped Craig said "I'm glad we have those guys up here on the road and celebrating with us and  now make some noise for the bartenders and security at the venue tonight" and the crowd cheered even louder.  Then  Craig told everyone to make some noise for themselves and everyone clapped and cheered.


The  band started playing then, Craig continued by saying "It’s literally been 10 years since we've been out here and you guys are still coming out here showing your support and honestly we can't thank you guys enough, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts we really appreciate it. I literally poured my heart and soul into this band I poured my heart out onto the table and you guys have accepted it for ten years and nothing feels better than that so thank you so much. So let's continue the good times. The next song is called "The Flood" followed by "Let It Go” and "You are so Beautiful"

“Escape the Fate’ start playing, ‘This War Is Ours’ half way through the song Craig took a phone out of a fans hand from mosh and filmed on stage and hands it back to the fan. I am sure that the fan was most excited by this generous gesture. “Escape the Fate’ continued to play ‘Ten Miles Wide” and “Harder than You Know’. ‘It’s Just Me" was the next song of the night. Half way through the song a fan handed Craig his shoe and a beer the crowd started chanting ‘Shoe, shoe, shoe’. Craig poured the drink into the show and drank it and the crowd cheered.

At the end of the gig ‘Escape the Fate’ walked off stage and as the lights went out the crowd started chanting “One more song, one more song” the Band came back on stage and gave fans more than one song starting off with "Do You Love Me". Craig said to the crowd “This next songs called ‘Remember Every Scar" Craig said "Sing it with me." and everyone sang along to every word then ‘Escape the Fate’ jumped straight into ‘I Am Human’ which is their track from their new album ‘I Am Human’ followed by ‘Broken Heart’. Read about Escape the Fate's new album link here -  Finally Craig said "Time to Get Sexy" the crowd cheered and Escape the Fate then played ‘Gorgeous nightmare.’

The band walked off stage for a second time and the audience started chanting “One more song” again and again, so ‘Escape the Fate’ came back to play ‘One for the Money’, followed by another song and walked off stage for the final time on this fantastic night... but hopefully they will be here again soon If They haven't played in your state make sure you see them before its to late.
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