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Enuff Z'nuff is an American melodic rock band from Blue Island, Illinois. Founded by singer Donnie Vie and bassist Chip Z’Nuff, this Chicago area band is best known for their charting singles “Fly High Michelle” and “New Thing.”

Enuff Z’nuff has continually recorded and toured throughout their career of more than 20 years, releasing 12 studio albums and a total of 19 CDs to date. The band's first single, "Fingers On It," received some minor recognition when it was featured in the 1986 cult movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Their songs have been recorded by several other musicians, some of which include Paul Gilbert, The Wildhearts, and Nelson. The band has a cult fan-base around the world which includes
radiopersonalityHoward Stern.


from Enuff Z’nuff about his Chip we got to speak to upcoming album and more


Chip - We are here recording at the studio today so I took a bit of time out to talk to you.

TM - Thank you for taking time out and having this interview with us we really appreciate it, are you recording a new album?

Chip - Yes we are

TM - Can you tell us more about the new album, what can fans expect?

Chip - I think it is important to be one step ahead in the
game, if you are inspired by ideas now record them so you don't forget them. I just wanted to be a step ahead of the game when it comes to recording and giving the record company our next album.


TM - I definitely agree, we can't wait to hear your new songs. 

TM - What was your writing and recording process for Diamond Boy?

Chip - We took our time play together and focused on the performance more than anything else. The songs are strong as a great with a mix of pop and metal.

TM - How did you come up with the video for Diamond Boy?

Chip - Tony Fennell and Dave Stucker who worked with Paul McCartney helped. Sometimes the video takes away from the song but I think this video has elevated this on the bit.

TM - you have released 21 albums in 35 years, can you tell us some history about your band?

Chip - We started in 1984 and did a demo called 1985 and put it
out. Ten years later, Howard Stern was kind enough to get us signed to do the wire notes on the record. The bands started in 1984 and get signed in 1989 by a guy named Derek shulman. Three years later we left and signed with Clive Davis and we put out a bunch for the record. Since that time and here we are 15 or 16 years later still producing records. There aren't many bands out there doing that anymore the average life expectancy of a band now it's 3 to 5 years so making records touring around the country is amazing.

TM - Your brother left a band in 2013, do you think that has
changed your writing Style?

Chip - Of course it has but at a time and an age right now that is so many things to write about. There is so much subject-matter out there is just trying to find an idea for a record that's not already happening. We are a band with such an illustrious history, we play in the studio late at night, we play at my place, we come up with these songs and want to share them if everybody. The best way to do that is to
get on buses and do as many shows as possible and get our songs out there. I think if social media disc record is charting for a reason and people decide what they want to get behind them want to support and a celebration of this time in the world.

TM - how did you come to get signed by Frontier records?

Chip - I was sitting at home and got a call from Derek Shulman that we were signed by him 20 years ago, he rang us and said I want to put a new record out. He has signed ban such as AC/DC, Cinderella and Bon Jovi and of course we jumped at the chance to work of him again. He is an excellent executive producer and ever since
then, we have been making album three Frontier records. They have Whitesnake, Sebastian Bach, Inglourious, La Guns so it is a pretty good rock and roll label does not many out there.

TM - How did Derek Shulman find your band Enuff Z Nuff?

Chip - We were in a studio and Monsters of Rock was coming through town and the guys from Cinderella and Motley Crue Byron town and we got a chance to slip our music to a few people. Derek Shulman heard our record, flew up and heard our band in rehearsal and had a vision. We did very well off that record it's nice to be back in the good Graces of the guy that discovered the band.

TM - You have played with Kiss and Ace Frehley can you tell us a to a story?

Chip - All the rock stars came out for those shows, it is great out there everyone seems to root for each other. Ace would come in every day give me a hug ask me how I was. I'll see where my dressing room
was, then go to his dressing room it was a pleasure working with Ace and his crew and because of that tour, we ended up going on a tour with Jack Russells great white last year which was pretty successful.


TM- That is pretty awesome! What great musicians to tour with. I'm sure you have some great stories to tell.

TM - If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

Chip - Jeff Lynne from ELO or Brian May and John Lennon would be amazing to collaborate with.

TM - You originally spelt your band name as Enough what made you change it to Enuff?

Chip - It looks cool and sounds cool. It works really well these days
because of people don't spell properly right now a band makes a name doesn't make a band.

TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

Chip - Cheap Trick playing Falling In Love Again in their style

TM - Is there anything else you want to announce to your fans?

Chip - We will be touring Europe and the United States this year so make sure you catch us on the road. 


TM- Thank you for this interview,  we hope we get to see you in Australia sometime. 

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