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TM - Hi this is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix and we are here with Chip from Enuff Z'Nuff. Thank you for having this interview with us today we really appreciate it.

CP - Hi, thank you for this interview. I am at The Rock Island Festival, it is jammed packed with seven thousand drunken selfie gods. 

TM - How are you?

CP - Very good here in sunny Key West Florida with Steven Adler from Guns N Roses. Extreme, Stix, Honeymoon Suite, Quiet Riot, all the bands are here. It is unbelievable, Loverboy is playing tonight, Tesla tomorrow, it's great, we just finished playing. We just did the two shows today and last night we did the pre-show party. We headlined with Jet Boy and Pretty Boy Floyd, it's been fantastic. I love Key West Florida, seventy-five-degree weather and there are Aussie women walking around scantily clad. They provide loudmouth soup for all the bands, everybody is drinking and having a good time. Seven thousand hard rock and heavy metal fans in one place its killer.

TM - Damn, wish we could be there.

CP - Well, you will see something close to that next week when we come out to Glam Fest that Silverback is putting together which is going to be incredible. Faster Pussycat from Los Angeles, Enuff, Wednesday 13th from the Murderdolls. I love Wednesday, I haven't seen him in years, of course, Tuff will be on the bill with Pretty Boy Floyd. A lot of these bands we haven't toured with excluding Faster Pussycat, those guys know how to party. They can drink and can put it down. I'm excited, it's going to be a nice challenge. Four shows in four days is not going to be hard for me because I have done thirty-one shows in thirty-three days. Shout out to Silverback touring for putting this whole tour together, those guys in Australia know what they are doing I can tell you that.

TM - You also have the Swedish band, Eclipse. 

CP - Great guys, I love the band and I love the singer. I'll be hanging with those cats hopefully they won't be stealing my trim. They are pretty good-looking.

TM - No, you're pretty good-looking Chip, we love you. 

CP - You girls are absolutely terrific and I'm hoping to see some of my American friends fly over to see shows as well. From what I'm told almost every show is sold out. The Australian people know what they're doing. They love rock and roll, they love heavy metal and this is a small little Woodstock without the mud. I always say that but it is true, indoor venues are full of people who love to celebrate music. 

TM - Yeah, will be amazing. For people who haven't been to your shows before what can fans expect? 

CP - The Australian fans can expect every song in the setlist to be a hit song and of course, we will play some of the first two albums which were very successful. We have eighteen other albums to pick from. We also just did a Beatles record that we called Hardrock Night that came out last year. All those songs are great Beatles songs and are great interpretations of Beatles songs as well as McCartney and Leonard songs. Those will be in the set as well, so I think we are the only band on the bill that every single song will be a hit. We only have 45 minutes so we will make the most of it, it will be one massive party. We just finished a tour with Skidrow in Europe so the band is firing on all cylinders.

TM - You have been touring with the Dead Daisies, how was the tour? 

CP - The Dead Daisies showed up every night and Glenn Hughes is a fabulous singer. They don't party at all, they're not a rock band like we were, and it was a lot of drinking and substance abuse. They are pretty straight and focused on every show, it's a fifteen song set. Doug Aldrich is a great guitar player, Brian Tichy is great on drums and David Lowy is a wonderful guy. I love hanging out with those cats. I know it was a good tour but as soon as we finished that tour we jumped on the Skid Row tour in Europe. We were playing nothing but ‘02 academies, doing the Ritz’s and the forums. It was fabulous, packed every night and sold out. I was hooked. We were going to jump on the Skid Row tour this year, but they ended up taking out Buckcherry and some bayan band which was disheartening for us but we are getting a lot of phone calls. I think we are going to go out in the summer with Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns. 

TM - That will be fun. That will be a great show, is that across America? 

CP - It will be in the United States and some in Australia, they are starving for rock bands to come over and thank god we have a good touring company called Silverback. They recognise that we need to provide a service for all those cool rocks and roll people in Australia. 

TM - We always love having you in Australia and you are always so fun and welcoming, we thank you for that. 

CP - You are very welcome, every year we go out and play one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five shows a year. It's great to still get to work and tour around the country and still do all our favourite TV shows and radio shows. You can't take anything for granted, the average life expectancy of any band is four or five years and we have been going for almost thirty-five years, it has been incredible. My drummer Daniel, Tory on Guitar, Jason on rhythm guitar these guys are great musicians who come from other great bands. Benjamin by the way was the guitar player in Nelson, Tory played in a band called Black Mountains for years. Daniel Benjamin Hill is a newcomer but slamming. He is only thirty-four years old and goes out and beats the drums like BamBam from The Flintstones.

TM - It's a real testament that you guys have been around for so long. It's because you are great at what you do. You also released a new album called Finer Than Sin, so what was your writing and recording process? 

CP - Well we have done three albums in the last year and a half. We have done Hard Rock Night which is all those Beatles songs, my solo record that came out about five months ago that is called Perfectly Imperfect which features Joel Hoekstra from Whitesnake and Daxx Nielsen from Cheaptrick. I love that record, we don't do any of those songs right now in our show because we have so much Enuff Z'Nuff material but I think it is a fabulous rock record. Our newest album is called Finer Than Sin which is on Frontier Records, it has only been out for a month and a half. It's going really well, I don't even have any more copies of it because it is all sold out, the fans have spoken, they love the new Enuff Z'Nuff songs and that's what you are going to get when we come to Australia, the new mixed with the old. A potpourri of great rock and roll songs. I think we are playing early so get there early folks, I think Pretty Boy Floyd will be one of the opening bands as well as Tuff. Then we work our way through, I think we will be playing before Wednesday 13 so I hope all the fans showed up with their lipstick and makeup because there are a lot of glam people out there, glitter rock. 

TM - Well we can't wait to glitter rock with you, thank you for this interview today.

CP - Thank you guys for talking to me. I will see you guys next week in Australia, where the fine women and substance abuse is embraced. Bless you, all, Enuff Z'Nuff Glam Fest 2023. 

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