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Enslaved is a Norwegian extreme metal band formed by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson in Haugesund in June 1991. They have recently released there fourteenth studio album E and they have received Rave reviews. On Thursday Enslaved played at the Factory theater and they played an extreme show full of guitar riffs, power and energy.


 As I was in the front row I could see the crowds excitement as Enslaved walked out on stage one by one, as each member walked out the crowd cheered and you knew you were in for one exciting show. Enslaved kicked off the show with 'Roots of the mountain' and the crowd around me knew every word to the song.


Enslaved continued with Runn, Storm Son, Isoders Dronning and Loke, as the night continued the front of the mosh pit got more excited and everyone started jumping around. 


Next up was a song off there new album E, as they played Sacred Horse the crowd had so much enthusiasm and excitement. Enslaved nailed it with this track as the fans loved every moment. It was definitely inspiring to watch such an amazing band release fantastic music.


As the lights dimmed Enslaved walked off stage and the fans started cheering "one more song" as they walked back on stage Enslaved asked "How many songs would you like to hear, would you like to listen to one more song" as the crowd cheered and they proceeded with a Drum Solo which engaged the audience and made them want more, Jotunblod followed to be followed by the last song Allfodr Odinn. 


Enslaved put on a fantastic show and they were full of energy, it made you want to see them again the following night and left you wondering when they were going to come back to Australia.

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