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Enslaved were Formed in Bergen, Norway, in 1991, They are a Norwegian black metal. The members in the band are Ivar Bjornson, Grutle Kjellson (original members) and Ice Dale, Håkon Vinje and Iver Sandøy. Their debut album was Vikingligr Veldi and they have followed it up with countless great albums over the years. Enslaved have won countless Norwegian Grammy's over the years and they have had an extremely successful career. They have played at international festivals such as CopenHell, Wacken Open Air and Hellfest and continue to rock the world. 

Enslaved recently released their album E and have been dedicated to spreading their gospel of musical fearlessness around the world.  


Twinmusix got to talk to Grutle Kjellson about his new album, his upcoming tour and more.


TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

GK - First and foremost as some of the line up had changed from last time we were in Australia, there are two new members so it's a bit different dynamically. Our show is going to be a bit different with our new members and there is a new energy, so it will be a bit interesting this time.


TM - How did you pick the setlist for this tour?

GK - We all just sit there and talk about it. It is going to be a nice mix of old songs and new songs. I think our fans will like it and really respond well.


TM - How did fans respond to your new album E?

GK - Fantastic from the fans and the media we received a Norwegian Grammy award.


TM - That is awesome! Congratulations on the grammy, I'm sure it was a great experience recieving it.


GK - It was a great experience, and we were really excited to receive it.


TM - Why did you decide to call your new album E?

GK - It's the symbol of the link between man and his tools.

TM - How did you come up with your album cover for E?

GK - All the album covers are designed by me and Ivar and our painting artist.


TM - How did you come to be signed by Nuclear Blast?

GK - Most of our old albums were licensed to nuclear blast in America and the office in Europe had been interested in us for two or three releases so when our contract with indie records finished we got in contact with nuclear blast and they signed us right away


TM - What brands of insturments do you use?

GK - Pearl Drums, Manson guitars, Gibson Basses and Orange Amplifiers.


TM - What's your favourite memory of being on tour?

GK -  The first time we played outside Norway was in February 1995 in the Austrian capital of Vienna in a club called Arena. That feeling of performing in another country amazes me when I walk up on stage, i love the feeling!


TM- Definitely, i can relate. Maybe not the walking up on stage part. Except When i get to cover International festivals for press and photography i get excited and i love the experience! One of my favorite festivals is Hellfest.


GK - That's awesome! I would love to play Hellfest again. 

TM - it's definitely a great experience.

TM - You last visited Australia a few years ago for your 25th anniversary tour is there anything that stands out from this tour?

GK - We only did three shows last time this time we were here. We are including perth this time. Last tour we had a day off, in our tour so we went to a park in Brisbane to hold some Koala Bears.


TM - Awesome, maybe you can see some Kangaroos this time!


GK - That would be good, i would love to see them in the one place.

TM - You have toured with such bands as OPETH,  Amon Amarth and Dimmu Borgir what's your favourite memory?

GK - We toured with Opeth in 2009, that was a real eye opener for us. It was a really cool experiments to play those bigger venues that was a really cool tour and a amazing live experience

TM - Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

GK - Come to our shows and buy all our merchandise.

TM - Thank you for the interview today, we can't wait to see you in Australia



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