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Twinmusix chat with Grutle Kjellson from Enslaved to talk anout their new album

what can fans expect from your new album?

They can expect songs that aren't much entangled in song structure. These are songs that have their own life. This is not four cord rock and roll this is psychedelic extreme metal rock from Norway.

How did you meet your keyboard player?

I got to know him through a co producer engineer. He had been working with his band on a couple of albums. We had been searching for a new keyboard player for 6 months. When we meet him we tried him out on an audition and it went well then we invited him to do rehearsals with us. After two days of rehearsal we played our first gig which was a charity gig for a local pub in Norway.

How long did it take you to write your new album?

From the first song we made it took a year and a half. It's important to let the riffs to get under your skin and learn them before you record them. I think one and a half to two years is the best gap in an album.

Do you record on tour or sit in a studio?

We never record on tour we don't even write that much on tour. Being on tour is a totally different life to anything else. You have to keep focus on the gigs and keep in survival mode, keep focus on the gigs. When living on the tour bus you are living with 15 other stinky men. So you aren't thinking that much ahead for your next show and try to stay sober. It's not the best for creating and arranging music. We have writing and rehearsal times in a healthier environment.

What’s your favourite song on your new album?

That differs a lot from day to day right now it's the song secret horse. But I like them all.

How did you come up with your band name?

We have some mates that play in a band called immortal and we were in a band called phobia and we split up and decided to go on our own and start a new band. We couldn't come up with a cool name. The guys from immortal said call yourself enslaved because we have a song called enslaved in root. And I thought let's try it for a couple of months. We stuck with it. It suited the style and vibe of the band so we stuck with it.

What bands inspired you to get into music? 

The Beatles, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Metallica there's a long list.

If you could have any band perform one of your songs which band and song would you choose and would it be in your style or there’s?

Refused from Canada playing the first song from the new album storm song.

What’s your craziest fan story?

Once there was this weird guy that was sitting on the stage and eating his lunch. He was sitting there for hours after the concert
 we thought who is this guy he's so weird. When we lift he spoke fluent Norwegian dialect and said alright I'll see you guys next time and we were like ok.

Do you have any favourite gig memories?

The first time we played outside Norway, a gig we played in the USA. But in recent years the first time we played in Romania in a stadium we didn't know what to expect. It was a festival in the middle of a town centre. When we came on stage there were thirty thousand people. I was blown away.

Do you ever change your lyrics during live set?

Sometimes I forget a line or two. So I'll take a line from another verse or something random?

Any random facts that your fans don’t know?

I various use to play tennis, are use to play French horn when he was a kid, I play ice hockey.

Is there anything else you would like to announce to your fans?

Pay attention to our website and click on tour for all the upcoming shows. As a member of the band is can't say anything about unconfirmed gigs so pay close attention.

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