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Dreamers crime
Twinmusix chat with Dreamers Crime

How did fan's respond to your various here we are?

The various was chosen last minute. We had this idea where we had a riot squad fighting us.  And fighting a monster. But we decided to do a lyric vedio. People point at me and say I have somthing to say to you so people are remembering our music.

What can fans expect from your album no compromise?

Don't expect here we are or I believe in you. The five of us at the time put together what we wanted to write. There is a now sound of hard rock sitting in there that everyone is going to love.

Who writes the music in your  band?

This album there were five people having their input. We would all be in the room mucking around with riffs and cords. And thought we will just choose this and that and the melodies came together. Once we had a good set of songs we took it to electric sun with the producer's and they started suffering down the fat.

What was it like recording at electric sun studios?

It would be very difficult to go somewhere else after that experience. Dave and Stevie are brilliant and intelligent at what they do. They are the type of guys that have the same goal but a different way of getting there. They were able to connect the dots for us.

How did you come up with  your band name?

When Simon and I were talking about starting a band again. We wanted to start this project but were dealing with uni and work. People saying don't waste your time this is a hobby focus on other stuff. It kind of felt like passion was a crime so out comes dreamers crime.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be in your style or there's?

Alterbridge playing our song savior the way they play it.

If you could play any festival what would you play?

Rock and ring

What's your favorite gig memory?

Playing at and stadium opening up for a NRL game.

How was your experience playing with underside?

Those fans are wild. They are cool dudes and 4 bands on the bill.

Any upcoming shows?

December 16th factory theatre and we are still finding out the rest of the dates and venues.
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