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On Thursday night Dragonland played at
the Bald Face Stag sydney Australia to a large crowd of fans who had been waiting a life time to see their favorite band. As I entered the venue, there was a feeling of excitement in the air and the room was buzzing with people excited to see Dragonland play their 1st show in Sydney Australia.

As the crowd waited for the main act, to come on stage some amazing local bands supported. The opening acts consisted of Saralisse, Envemomed and Darker Half and they all played an Amazing set.

The lights went dim and Dragonland hit the stage, they walked on the stage one by one and they started the instrumentals to Shadow of the Mithril mountains, then vocals came out of nowhere and the singer ran on stage.


Dragonland continued to play string of hits from their whole discography.  hits as In perfect harmony, starfall and The Black Mare. The rest of the show was exhilarating from start to finish. The bands energy never disappeared and the crowd replied with the same energy! Everyones hands were up in the air and swaying side to side, it was quite the experience to watch.

Dragonland finished off an amazing night with a cover song of "The Never Ending Story"i have never heard such an amazing cover of that song i would definitely see Dragonland if you haven't yet its not a show to be missed.

More Dragonland Photos Link Below

Dragonland Photos

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