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Don Broco are a unique sound, especially when compared to most of the bands we review. We had the pleasure of seeing them perform in Sydney and they wowed us with their audience-pleasing antics.


Don Broco are an English rock band formed in Bedford, England in 2008. They started off with Label EmuBands till early 2012 when they signed to Sony music. The band consists of Rob Damiani, Simon Delaney, Tom Doyle and Matt Donnelly.  


 Last night  Don Broco played at the Oxford Art Factory for their final night of their first Australian tour.

The Curtains were shut and the lights were dim, Don Broco came on stage as the curtains opened with their song 'Everybody', Rob (Lead Vocals) asked the audience and band to jump,  the whole audience and band then as one, jumped along to the first song for as long as they could.


 'New Yorker' was the next song, and the audience was singing along to every word, as Rob swaying from side to side. At the end of the song the Crowd clapped and cheered for more. 


 Next, they sang 'Automatic', and Rob asked the audience to sing his words back to him, the crowd enthusiastically responded to every utterance of his catchy vocals. Towards the end of the song, he asked everyone in the venue to get down to the ground and jump up together.  As a thank you to the crowd's effort they then played 'Superlove'.  


 Don Broco said "This is the first time we have been to Australia, and thanks to everyone for coming down to watch." before starting to play 'Money Power Fame' in response the audience thrust their fists up in the air, waving them back and forward while jumping.

Before the next song, Rob Said "We need to clear things up with you, which beach would you choose? Manly or Coogee? Cheer for which you would go to!" then he said "Cheer for Coogee!" followed by "Cheer for Manly!" and the crowd cheered. The answer was obvious, as he said "Coogee Beach wins! We will go there!"


 Without a pause, they go straight into the song "What You Do To Me", as the crowd starts Jumping along, and Simon (Guitarist) spins around while playing the guitar. They finished their set by playing their hit "Fire".


After their performance, they stopped to say thank you to everyone in the audience for supporting the band, before immediately launching into an encore starting with the song 'I Got Sick'.


 While Simon changed his guitar to a red devil, Rob engaged the crowd, "We are playing the old, and new album, tonight. Our new album 'Technology' will be available online early next year."

 The band proceeded to play 'Stay Ignorant' with a strobe light flashing the whole song, the atmosphere was intense!


 They finished their encore set with 'Nerve', 'Priorities' and 'T-Shirt Song' afterwards they walked off stage. 


Fans started cheering for one more song Don Broco walked back on stage and played their final song 'Pretty'. 


Don Broco have several albums under their belt, but after seeing them live I would encourage any fans to see them live. Their engagement with the crowd is more than many bands can reach, you feel their music as another member of the band, it lifts you, and Robs vocals carry you to meet them in action.



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