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Dimmu Borgir Review


Dimmu Borgir formed in ‘93 and have released 11 studio albums and 2 live albums. They have toured the world and put out some of the most theatrical music videos we have seen in the metal genre. Dimmu Borgir got their name from a volcanic formation in Iceland called Dimmuborgir. The original members left are vocalist Shagrath and guitarist Silenoz, but along with longtime guitarist Galder, keyboardist Gerlioz, drummer Daray and newcomer Victor (bass), Dimmu have formed a perfect line up and all the fans were excited from them to come on stage.This tour supports Dimmu Borgirs new album Eonian, a pure masterpiece as i have a great love for black metal.

Perth based band Earth Rot opened the night for Dimmu, and they put on one hell of a show and the Dimmu fans we ready for there favorite band. The band entered onto a low light stage with smoke filling the air and they were ready to bring the fans into the darkness. Dimmu started with new tracks ‘The Unveiling’ and ‘Interdimensional Summit’. The next Tracks were selected from an extensive 11 album back catalogue, they took five tracks off their 12 song setlist. Dimmu continued to perform songs such as " Gateways, I am sovereign and Council of wolves and snakes"


Dimmu went off stage and the crowd eagerly anticipated the encore, Dimmu played ‘Indoctrination’, ‘Progenies of the Great Apocalypse’ and the blisteringly evil ‘Mourning Palace’ and 'Ceowd of Passage" .Dimmu were pleased with this tour and Shagrath screamed saying “We will return”. Dimmu put on an absolutely amazing show full of black metal, it took the fans into a magical place and we can only anticipate there return.


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