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Destruction are a thrash metal band form Germany that formed in 1982 and are known as one of the"Big 4" bands of thrash metal in germany along with bands Kreator,  Sodom  and Tankard.

Destruction also contributed to the black metal genre, with parts of their music that is known as black metal today. Destruction got singed by Nuclear Blast Records in 2000 and are killing it as they know how to put on one hell of a show.

Destruction played at the Manning Bar on the weekend with support acts Lethal Vendetta and KillRazor.

Destruction came out on stage and went straight into the first song"Curse the Gods" followed by "Armageddonizer" destruction fans were super excited as they raised their metal horns up.
Heading 6

Schmier said to the crowd " Sydney let's go back to the year 1984" and played "Tormentor" from their Album "Bestial Invasion of Hell".As you looked out into the crowd the fans were head banging and the atmosphere was metal.

Schmier said " ok Sydney put your hands up" and the crowds stuck them horns up while destruction played "Nailed to the cross".

Schmier says " headbangers tonight in Sydney and we will head Bang away" and the crowd really gets into this song and things their heads along to every beat of "Mad Butcher" and then the band play an epic introduction into the band "Dethroned".

"Life Without Sense" was the next song of the night. This song was off their second album "Eternal Devastation "Which was released in 1986.

Destruction continued playing three more songs from over the years "Release From Agony"Ritual, Eternal ban and Total disaster"

Destruction say to their fans "Thank you so much Sydney" and plays "Antichrist" wth an amazing drum solo at the end of the song.

They stop again to interact with the fans and say "Last time we toured Australia it was 1985, it's been a long time! And this is off the album they proceed to play "Sentence of Death" this is "Black Mass"

The guitars started playing and you knew what this song was "The Butcher Strikes Back" the mosh pit went wild.

Schmier says " We started this band in 1982 and never thought we would come to Australia" but destruction did come  to Australia and finished the night with the last three songs "Thrash Till Death", "Holiday In Cambodia" and"Bestial Invasion". the band said goodnight Sydney good night and walked off stage.


Destruction put on an amazing show with head banging and metal horns, if you haven't seen them live i definitely recommend watching them and rocking out!. 

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