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Twinmusix Chat With Rob From Death Angel About There Australian Tour And More


What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

They can expects excitement, fun and music of course, it's been four years since we have been there.

 In 2016 you released your album The Evil Divide what was your recording process?

 Fairly the same as it has been on the last three albums, we did our last three albums at audiohammer Studios Sanford Florida, we the writing at a rehearsal studio or at my home studio. All the writing,  pre-production and demos we do here in the house, and then I'll fly out to Florida and meet up with Jason, we will listen to music for free days before any of the other guys come out and we listen to the demos and come up with last minute ideas for the songs, we make Tempo maps and scratch tracks and all the set up stuff, then everyone flies over and records their parts of the music, I'm in their everyday because I'm co-producing with Jason.

 How do you choose which songs are going to be singles and what the album cover is going to be?

 the songs just picked themselves, by the end you can tell which songs are going to be singles, the ones with catchy choruses are going to end up being singles. The album name and cover comes from the feel of all the music.

You've played with played with bands such as Exodus Slayer and Anthrax can you tell us one of your favourite experiences from going on tour with these bands?

 We did a 9 week tour with Slayer and Anthrax and every part of it was insane, Slayer a very respectful to us they give us plenty of time on stage. Slayer did a soundtrack and meet and greet with there fans who buy their VIP meet and greet, Tom Araya would have me come up there everyday and jam with them on their soundcheck, Tom Araya knew I like singing so he got me standing in the middle of the stage singing surrender by Cheap Trick.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band, which song and in your style or theirs?

In there style style, Earth Wind and Fire playing The Moth.

 You took a break from 91 to 2001 what made you want to reform Death Angel?

I didn't it happened by accident the reason we got back together to play was Chuck Billy the singer of Testament got diagnosed with cancer, so they put on a benefit show in the Bay area for him, so all these bayarea were bands were playing on the bill for him like Exdous and Teastement other bands. we got asked to play but we said no because we didn't exist anymore. then Chuck persisted and called me personally to ask me to do it, so I said yes we will do that one show for Chuck. it was awesome playing again you had such a great response from this crowd, then we started getting offers again and we thought oh no we thought this was going to happen, then we got the offer the dynamo festival in The Netherlands and we thought ok we'll just do that one show, then we getting offers and 16 years at later and five albums later we're still here.

In 2007 you recorded killing season in Dave Grohl studio 606 what was it like to record there and did you get to meet him?

Getting to record at Dave Grohl studio was mind blowing and we also got to work with Nick Raskulinecz who produced Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains. occasionally the Foo Fighters would show up because that was there headquartereds.

One morning I was in the studio making coffee and the Foo Fighters are in there having a meeting, they were discussing ideas for a video they were filming at that time, they had this idea where Taylor Hawkins would be sitting there I'm one by one people would come and slap him across the face, and there's Tyler sitting there with this goofy  looking his face going yeah man that's cool. then Dave turns around and says what do you think man, I say it's great thanks for letting me sit in and that video  comes out. Dave would also come Down and say it sounds great, thanks for coming down to my studio, I love Death Angel.




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