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Twinmusix got to speak to Sumner Peterson from Dead Lakes about their upcoming album and more.


TM - Hi, this is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix, it's good to have you with us today we appreciate it.


DL - Thank You for having the interview with me, I am really digging the vibe.


TM - How is everything over there?


DL - It is pretty good, we still all have jobs. I work at a grocery store, I was talking to someone from the UK the other day and they told me what they protrayed as American media and it was about 90% accurate. It is pretty wild over here, there is a lot pressure on governors to re-open places. Someone had to be escorted out of our grocery store because they refused to wear a mask. I think it's like a whole new world to everybody, especially Americans. We have gotten out of a lot of things that other countries have had to deal with. As far as national disasters, we are slightly spoilt here so this is a wake up call for a lot of Americans.


TM - You just released your new EP languages, how have fans been responding?


DL - It is good, we were all in different bands before and we are lucky. We found this band at the right time. We are finally getting some traction and we are grateful we are getting a audience, It's going great.


TM - What was your writing and recording process for your new album Languages?


DL - Mostly it was written by Max and I in our home studio, because our girlfriends were nice enough to let us convert our master bedroom into a home studio. When we aren't doing anything we can put writing music into the forefront of writing and recording. We have released Languages and we have been writing new music for the new record.


We went to LA to record Languages with Erik Ron, he is a well known producer and we are not a well known band, we tried to make the most of our time. We didn't leave the studio unless it was to go out and get food. We hit up a lot of the vegan food trucks, we aren't big when it comes to partying but we love going out and trying vegan food.


TM - If you come to Sydney you have to check out Bad Hombres, it is a Mexican restaurant and has amazing food.


DL - If we head over there please hit us up and let know your suggestions, nothing is worse then going somewhere and guessing what is good.


TM - We definitely will, I was in LA a couple of months ago and Jim Morrison use to sit at the bar at Barney's Beanery.


DL - That's cool, I feel like "The Doors" don't get enough recognition these days. Shout out to "The Doors" I feel like the older you get the more the past generations bands Get dwindled Down.


TM - What was your inspiration for the video SMS Happiness?


DL - It was around division of the EP as a whole. We tackled some mental health issues. Sometimes have negative connotation and we are tackling things which do not always the best energy and at the end of all that you get to a place with good energy. We wanted our good energy be shown through the music videos and artwork and colours that make you feel good. We wanted the song represented the context of the visual you are seeing, some Moody imagery but all drifting in neon it's a cool contrast.


TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs, what band would it be, what song would it be and in your style or their style?


DL - I would love to hear "Now, Now" take on "SMS Happiness" that would be awesome. I would like to see "The 1975" do "Language" because I think they will knock it out of the park.


TM - That is cool, The 195 are a great band. I will check out "Now, Now".


TM - If you could collaborate with any band who would it be and why?


DL - I think there could be a possible collection with "Down Below" in the future and "Jesse Rutherford" from "The Neighbourhood", I idolize that guy I think his approach on music was very unique.


TM - That would be cool, let us know if it happens. What was your favorite memory of watching someone else peform live?


DL - Lynn from Paris is a huge inspiration of ours, I have seen Paris quite a few times. The last time I saw them in Seattle, they were playing this song "No Mercy" and they were doing a dual drum pedal, Lynn was playing drums and they did a synchronized solo section. Lynn got up and chucked the stick into the crowd and it beamed someone right in the head and that stuck in my memory forever.


TM - That would have been a sight to see, I hope the person was alright. 


DL - They were all good.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


DL - The reception for this album was great, Thank You to all our fans for checking it out. Thank you to sharptone records for assisting us. We will be releasing a full-length record next year, which we are in the middle of writing.


TM - Thank You for this interview with us today, we cannot wait to hear your new album next year.



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