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David Duchovny is a  American actor, writer, producer, director, novelist, and singer-songwriter. He has acted on TV shows such as The X-Files and he wrote the TV series Californication. David Duchovny has had great great success as he has won multiple  Golden Globe awards.  


On May 12, 2015 he released his first album "Hell or Highwater", and this year 2018 released his album "Every Third Thought".


 As David Duchovny and his band walked out on stage AC/DC "Back in Black" was playing. They proceed to play the intro to the their song "Every Third Thought" and they stopped half way through as the audience let out a big cheer, then they continued to play. David stopped after the first song and said "Thank You for bring here tonight" and proceeds to say the next "song is about someone, when you are far away from them. 2 or 3 thousand steps away" and plays 3000. The crowd sings every word and is intensely listening to his music.

At the end of this song David stops again and says, "How  y'all doing tonight" and the audience claps and cheers then he said " let me see you" as the lights get turned on you see a sea of smiling faces. Then David announces "This song is from the album 'Every Third Thought' and its called 'Mabey I can't'". 


Then David said " let me tell you a story about when i went to europe in paris, people dont play for what they want they play for mankind" and played the song "Stranger" to be followed by the song "Stay on the train".


Davids guitarist then said " let's rock this, it is for a special cow girl all the way in the states" and played "When the whistle blows" which flowed  straight into the song "Square one".


David asked the crowd "are you doing good"  the crowd cheers then he says " are you sweating as much as I am" then Corey  joins in on the b aww banter and says "if your not sweating your not having a good time". Then David responds with "This song is called 'Let it rain'". The crowd laughed and cheered and procceded to sing every lyric to this song.

David said "What do you want to talk about its Friday night" then Corey said "no is it Saturday night" crowd cheers once again. Then David said "It's Saturday night" and the crowd cheers louder.  Then they play "Unsaid Undone, Marble Sun, Sweet Jane and Half Life."


As the stage went black and the band walked off stage you knew it was time for the encore. As David played  "Spiral" the audience started clapping in unison half way through the song. David preceded to do a cover of the Crowded House song " Don't Dream" as this song was playing the crowd stuck their hands in the air and were swaying side to side. 


After this he played "He'll or water" and finished off the night with "Positively". This was a fantastic concert, the crowd were so energetic and they loved every moment of it. I would definitely recommend going to see David Duchovny!.

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