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Twinmusix chat with Darktribe

Members/instruments Vocals : Anthony Agnello, Guitars : Loïc Manuello, Bass : Bruno Caprani, Drums : Julien Agnello

GENRE: Melodic Power Metal



How did your fans respond to your new video the modern age?

 A good response from them, many people congratulated us for the work accomplished on this video but also on the album. Our strong musical progression was applauded.

What’s your favourite moment with your fans?

The first 2 or 3 minutes of a show, when everything is set up, sounds, light, people are there, with a smile, that's why we do the scene.

What bands influenced your style of music?

 A lot. I'm just going to give you the big bands that made us want to do this job: Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Metallica, Symphony X, Deathstars, Ramones ...all are fantastic. What brand interments do you use?


Julien use Tama Starclassic drum, Paiste Rude and Meinl Byzance cymbals. Loïc is faithful to ESP and Jackson guitars, Engl Amp and Axe FX Preamp. Bruno prefers Fender bass and Kemper Preamp. For me Shure Microphone is the reference, all their HF products are solid and competitive.

What’s your favourite concert memory?

 Very hard to answer you……Download Festival (June 2017) is still fresh in my mind. 12 hours of driving all night, 1 hour of sleep then 1 hour backstage and we are on stage. I think we've never been so tired before going on stage. Fortunately the organization was amazing, we met many musicians, clean weather and the audience was really good. Great time !!

How did your band form? And how did you decide what type of music you were going to play?

It’s a quasi-family creation. Julien and Bruno have been friends for 25 years, they quickly asked me to join the crew. We are all three big fans of Iron Maiden, so the style was quickly found. Darktribe was really born in 2009 when Loïc joined us, and since the adventure continues.

How do you handle mistakes during your performance?

We always try to do the best and give the best to people, thanks to our long training session. But humanity is a mistake and when you understand that, that you live with it, you no longer try to handle mistakes, you live your music, you give yourself and the fans know it. The best way to avoid mistakes is to train and not to think about it. You have to be self-confident and do everything to the maximum.

How did you come up with your band name and logo?

 The name was found by a friend who assimilated our band to a tribe, where we must commit rules to feel loved and respected. After the “dark” side comes the fact of our ideas about the destiny of the world and what surround us in general.

Where do you see your band sound in the future, are you looking for a similar sound or are you going to go in a different direction?

 No, certainly not. We want to evolve according to our desires, do not stay in a place while everything moves around us. Darktribe is not anchored in a style, you should not put up a barrier, sometimes it’s better to take risks.

Tell us a random fact about yourself that fans don’t know?

 We prefer to keep our secrets well kept… What was your experience like the first time you played on stage? My memories are shared between too many emotions, stress, good feelings and a lot of fear !! It was our first concert and we played more than one hour, which is a great performance for a young Metal band. We played 14 songs, my voice was not ready enough and I finished the show with difficulty. The people were very friendly and despite several mistakes, we applauded a lot. It was still a good time and I do not regret anything.

What is the most unusual spot you’ve played a gig?

 If I tell you on the balcony of a house and in a cellar, do you believe me ?

 I assure you it's true, unfortunately ...

Who writes the music in your band or do you all write it together?

 Loïc is the man, he is 70% of Darktribe music and I write 100% of our lyrics.

 Could you briefly describe your music making process?

We have a permanent process but we leave everyone free to express their ideas. Generally Loïc offers riffs and I work on the vocal line. Julien and Bruno then work the rhythm part and then, step by step, a song is building.

 Who is your favourite band to tour with?

You would like to make my dream comes true ? Be the guest on an Iron Maiden or Metallica tour.

What is your advice on touring?

Try to take maximum rest because a tour is exhausting. The first tip is to eat healthy and stay focused on your goals. If you start to think only of your family, your friends or your hobbies, your mind will not hold. You have to be strong because you live far away from the people you love and you do not think too much about it.

What do you love about music?

Every second I spend with. It's a passion and like all passion it catches you and does not let go. It's a passion and like all passion it catches you and does not let go. I like the sustained rhythms with the long melodic passages, these sequences that transport you to another world... Do you ever change your lyrics during live set? Never.

What is your most metal moment to date?

 5 June 2013 – Paris Bercy – Iron Maiden – Maiden England Tour…OMG !!!

What subjects do you sign about in your music?

 On our first three productions (Natural Defender, Mysticeti Victoria, The Modern Age) we wanted to demonstrate the impact of humanity on the environment, what the future could bring, the value of the animal world. These are everyday concerns but the world is not sufficiently informed. Whose fault is it ? To what? We live in a world where everything communicates very quickly, but yet, nothing is done to change the mistakes made every day. We are constantly repeating the same story and our planet is degrading. It is through these 3 albums that we posed our way of thinking. Now, it’s time to change…


As we are promoting your band, is there anything coming up like album launches or tour dates you would like us to promote on our site for you?

Of course, we are currently working on a new album, but I can’t give you a release date. We are soon going to participate at the More Than Fest (August 18, 2017) with Masterplan, Powerwolf, Edguy ... We are organizing concerts in Italy for the end of the year (Milan, Rome) and we hope to leave on tour in Japan in early 2018. The crew appreciates the attention paid to our project, a big thank you for your work. See you soon. Anthony Agnello // DARKTRIBE

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