Our Last Enemy, Darkcell, and Combichrist killed it as the crowbar in Sydney. We got to watch each band deliver an outstanding set full of power. 

Our Last Enemy dropped a killer set and performed pure metal with an electronic remix feel and clean vocals. The set was performed with precision that was sharp as a blade and we knew it was going to be a hard act to follow. 

Darkcell was up next and they delivered plenty of guitar riffs and bass to balance the synth backing tracks. Darkcell showed us they could destroy the set with deep vocals and heavier-sounding intro that leads into a composition. We got to watch Darkcell play track's including Reign of the monsters, Godless, FTW, Burn the witches, Hate anthem, Hail to the freaks and Preacher. Next up was the most Relentless band of the night. 

As the music came across the speaker's everyone started dancing as they eagerly waited for Combishrist to rock. Combichrist took the stage they take no prisoners and delivered a brutal range of tracks that you couldn't even imagen. The live delivery was off the charts and was way beyond the recorded version. Combichrist delivered extreme vocals, powerful drums and took the guitar and bass playing to another level. We got to listen to Combichrist play songs including Hate Like Me, Follow the Trail of Blood, What The Fuck is Wrong With You and Maggots Like To Party and every song that was performed was as powerful as the next. 

All three bands delivered kickass performances that rocked. If you haven't seen Combichrist, I recommend going to one of their shows. I guarantee it is a show you cannot miss.



2017 - Twinmusix
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