2020 has been a big year for Melbourne-based Cicadastone having released 3 very successful and critically acclaimed singles Box Of Anger, Dying In Sunshine and Out Of Sight and in March 2021 they will release their new album Cold Chamber, available for pre-order/pre-save now on digitalCD and 2-disc vinyl, out through Golden Robot Records.

The 2LP black vinyl edition, features 2 additional live acoustic tracks, (not available on the CD or digital version of the album). 


Red Eye Raven
Slave In A Cage
Out Of Sight
Dying In Sunshine
Burden That You Wear
Call It What You Will
Box Of Anger
Cold Chamber
Dime A Dozen
X-Rays Of Our Minds
Slow Motion
Down River
Second Guessing (live acoustic) ***
Headlights On (live acoustic) ***

*** On vinyl edition only 


Cold Chamber is an album that continues to push the grunge rock boundaries and picks up where the 90’s movement left off. An authentic, dark and melodically driven soundscape, powerful in its execution, the songs are complex in design and detail, yet flow with simplicity and ease.  


The album is a musical landscape of twists and turns, and a journey you don’t see much in modern albums, with its own unique sound while staying truly authentic to the genre – a difficult task in a time when it’s all been done before. 



Cold Chamber CD/Digital

Cold Chamber Vinyl


Watch the official video for Out of Sight HERE



Watch the official video for Box of Anger HERE



Watch the official video for Dying In Sunshine HERE




Melbourne-based four-piece Cicadastone deliver music that packs a punch. With an old school 90’s influences and a slick modern edge, Cicadastone have found their own space in the grunge rock genre. Formed in 2013 by founding members and brothers Mat and Mark Robins, they have spent the last few years honing their sound and live show, as well as constantly writing and releasing quality music. 
In 2016 Cicadastone released their debut album Chance Collide. A bold statement and an impressive first release. Songs like Drown My Hopes, Forgotten Fears, Oh Satellite and Headlights On showcased Cicadastone’s song writing maturity and diversity. Sonically the album holds its own on an international level. 
Having signed with Golden Robot Records in 2019, they're now set to drop their much anticipated second album, Cold Chamber, out on March 19, 2021.