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Last Night the one and only Cheap Trick graced our shores and played at The Enmore theatre in Sydney. As you looked across the room it was full of people of all ages eagerly anticipating the Amazing events that was about to take place.


Dalla Crane kicked off the set at the Enmore theater and everyone sang and enjoyed the music. As they opened with Wrong Party they were off to a great start! With alternative rocker Dave Larkin on vocals they gave us a kick arse 45 minute set. Steve Pinkerton was on the drums, Pete Satchell on guitar and Chris Brodie on Bass.This is a triple ARIA award nominated band that have been rocking with us since 1996.


Next up was the legendary Cheap Trick, Robin Zander vocalist and Guitarist Rick Nielsen Guitarist and vocals Daxx Nielsen on drums and Tom Petersson was on bass. As they walked on stage the fans cheered with excitement and everyone stood up for a mass applaud. No one sat down for the rest of the set. Cheap trick kicked off with there song Hello there and everyone sang every word.


Cheap Trick played a great setlist that Flame, Dream Police, Shes Tight and Surrender. As Cheap Trick played i want you to want me the crowd went crazy, everyone sang every word and it made you want to never want to leave the venue. The stage show was so energetic and full of life. All the members of the bands reached into the fans and really made you feel like a part of the show. Handfuls of guitar picks were thrown into the crowd and everyone picked them up and was excited to get there pick.


Cheap Trick put on an Absolutely Incredible show and I can't wait to walk into the next venue where they are playing and rock out to a show.


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