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Bradley Glenn also known as butch walker is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Butch is Known for his guitarist work for the glam metal band SouthGang from the late 1980s to early 1990s and lead vocalist and guitarist for rock band Marvelous 3 between 1997 until 2001. Butch Walker has had written hits for bands and artists including Avril Lavigne, Sevendust, American Hi-Fi, Pink, Katy Perry, Pete Yorn, Quietdrive, The All-American Rejects, Never Shout Never, and most recently Weezer, New Politics, Fall Out Boy and  The Struts.


Last night Butch Walker took the Oxfard Art Factory by storm and wow did he put on a fantastic show. The show took you through an amazing array of acoustic work as you listened to Butch on the guitar, keyboard and drums.


Butch Walker walked out on stage and the crowd cheered and were exited to see what Butch had in store. Butch started his first song for the night "21+". Butch stopped and spoke to the crowd, he said "How are you doing Sydney, Sydney with a Y, god damn autocorrect you probably thought I was another stupid American move all my Instagram posts who didn't know how to spell" as the crowd laughed and he proceeded to play more hits of the night including " Bed On Fire" , "Closest Thing"," Hair Bands" and "Weight Of Her".


Butch played one of his most popular songs "Summer Of 89" the audience were singing and dancing along to every word and really enjoyed it.


Butch then diced he wanted to live on the wild side, as he picked out two members from the audience and got them to come up on stage and sing"Freak of the Week" which was originally done by his other band Marvelous 3. Everyone was filming this song and it created a fun atmosphere in the venue.

Butch walker played "Summer of 89" one of his most popular songs and then walked off stage. The crowd started cheering for an Encore and yelling out "We want Butch". Butch came back on stage and played four more songs "Every Monday" and "Freak of the Week" by Marvelous 3 song butches old band then he played "Record Store" and "Coming Home" to finish off a Epic night.


Butch Walker is an amazing singer songwriter that knows how to engage his fans and put on a entertaining show. If you haven't seen or heard Butch Walker, I recommend watching him next time he rocks in Australia.


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