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Twinmusix Chat With Bury The Kings Their New AlbumMore

What can fans expect from your new album V?

W: There’s nothing I can say that fans can really “expect”, but the objective with this EP was to really try and portray emotion in a really raw, intricate and understanding way. This album is really just a collective of what we all love about heavy music, and we believe we have truly found our sound with it. 



What was the writing process for V?

W: The writing process initially started back at the end of 2016, when our old bassist Michael gave us an idea to push into a different, more melodic sound, and after he left and our drummer left, we sat down and decided that we were going to try something completely different. Michael gave us the idea for “Goodbye”, or the Acceptance stage. Over the course of the last two years, while writing this I was in a really dark spot; suicidal, diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. All those had a massive impact, and I felt that I had to write something that I could understand emotionally; it was more a coping mechanism than anything else at the time. 

Skin and Blood was definitely the most personal song that I wrote. It was the first song I wrote after I attempted, and it still holds that top spot for me in terms of emotion and power. 

What was your recording process for V?

W: We originally went to Aaron Beale to record Acceptance, and we sent it off to Scottie for mix/master, originally as something to just kind of put out, we weren’t really expecting anything amazing, especially since our original plan was to get it mixed by Buster (Odeholm). However, when we received the track back, we were more than blown away by Scottie’s work, and decided to go to him for the recording, mixing and mastering. 

How did you come up with the Album Cover for V?


W: We’ve had 3 different artworks made for the album cover, the first one is now being used as a single cover for Take Me With You, and the second was turned into  merch design, both done by Scotty Bates. My original vision for the artwork was to just have the V in black or in white, with little detail however, and as much as we loved Scotty’s designs, it didn’t match what I was hoping for. So I decided to hit up my friend Dane (Evans, vocalist of Scourge/To the Grave) to make one up for us, as he know almost better than anyone the vision that I had for this album. Easy to say he nailed it. 

What Gear do you use in the studio, Brand and Models ect (Guitars, Bass, Rigg, Drums)?

We mostly used our bassist Ewan’s gear, because he had some of the best gear available. To record guitars, we used a Mayones Regius 7, bass was a Dingwall, all tracked through Scottie’s Kemper. 

If you could pick any music festival to perform at in the world, what music festival would you pick and why? 


W: Wacken or Bloodstock, because dad metal and death metal rules. Bonus points if the lineup features Wintersun, Trivium or Behemoth. 

What bands influenced your style of music?


W: it’s a bit weird, but my main influences are Behemoth, Trivium, Wintersun and Fallujah. They’ve all come up with their own sound, their own brand, and that influenced me especially. Writing wise, Reflections and Silent Planet has a massive impact on the way I write and the sounds I want to portray. 

How did you all meet?


W: It started with me watching Bailey’s cover of Karolena by Saviour back in like, 2014? From there we met Alex, who we met through Bailey’s fiancé, Chloe, and finally, we met Ewan through his old band “To Kill a Coward”. 

How did you come up with the video for Take Me With You?


W: A friend working with us gave us the idea of a music visual, where we have the song play but the visuals are thought provoking and interesting. 

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band which song and in your style or theirs?


W: Humanity’s Last Breath doing “Skin and Blood” in their own style, I would froth it. 

How did you come up with your band name?


The name was a struggle for us, but the “Buried Kings” was a lyric in a Wovenwar song “Father/Son” and we really felt it suited what we were looking for. 

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?


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