Whoever hears the name “BRAINSTORM” expects powerful, melodic songs with catchy refrains - exactly what you get with the new album “Wall Of Skulls”!


The southern German power metal band pick up exactly where they left off with “Midnight Ghost” (2018) - conceptually, it even goes one step further.

Singer Andy B. Franck speaks about an “almost uncanny energy that prevailed in the rehearsal room when the songs were created. In total, this time we have packed more powerful and fast numbers on one album than ever before. All of this happened without calculation or prior planning, but in a completely natural way. We just worked uncompromisingly on the songs and never broke off a course we had taken halfway. 'Walls Of Skulls' is therefore by no means 'Midnight Ghost 2.0', it is clearly a further development."


The powerful opener “Where Ravens Fly” already sets the listener in the mood. The masterpiece is pushed up to the next level by "Escape The Silence". The strong track is supported by Peavy Wagner, front singer of Rage.

With half-ballad "Glory Disappears", BRAINSTORM shows how variable the metal group is. Quiet but still loaded with power, the song fits harmoniously into the overall work.

And they also surprise with their fourth and final single: “Turn Off The Light”. The catchy chorus invites to rock out, also because of the feature by producer Seeb Levermann, known from Orden Ogan.


The musical development of BRAINSTORM is noticeable. More powerful, melodic songs invite you to roar along with rhythmic refrains. The unmistakable sound runs through all ten songs (plus intro).

BRAINSTORM is firing on 'Wall Of Skulls' with full barrel, the guitarists Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaricstring together massive amounts of strong guitar riffs, giving the rhythm section around bassist Antonio Ievaand drummer Dieter Bernert a free hand, so that the charismatic front man can interpret melodies and hymn-like choruses.

“Wall Of Skulls” is rounded off optically by a perfect fitting cover, created by the Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsak.


Now the masterpiece 'Wall Of Skulls' got finally released. Andy B. Franck can hardly wait: “I've never felt so comfortable in my role at BRAINSTORM!” - and that's exactly what you can hear!


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