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Twinmusix Talk With Bolzer About There Australian Tour With Mayhem And More

What can fans expect from yours from your Australian tour?

We are looking forward to coming to Australia to play with Mayhem.

How was your American and European tour?

 It was very good, we normally get to choose who we go on tour with, and we normally choose bands who we are friends with. There are always good turnouts to our tours and a lot of people showing interest.

 What was your experience like playing Hellfest?

Hellfest was awesome! Great people and great crew, it was a very hectic day for us we arrived an hour before we had to set up and we played just after midday. We had to leave to go to Austria to play a festival in the Mountains.

 What stage equipment do you use?

 We are a 2 piece band, so I split my signal 3 ways, there are a series of splitters on my pedal board, two of which go to two guitar amps and the third goes to a bass rig.

How did you meet and decided to form a band?

We met out and about on the town and decided to form a band a year later, the band has progressed to what it is now.

How did you come up with your band name?

 It's an older Swiss German name, it's been sitting in the back of my head for some time and seemed appropriate for what we wanted to do.

How did you come up with your album cover for Hero?

 We decided to tackle the cover ourselves, so the cover is my efforts in painting and drawing and Fabians technical expertise. We tried and tackled everything ourselves.

Are you working on a new album at the moment?

Yes we are working on some new material, but it's going to take some time to complete it. It's very heavy so I hope people can enjoy it.

Is there any thing else you would like to announce to your fans?

 We look forward to returning to Australia, we look forward to meeting new people and seeing old friends.
Mayhem and Bolzer Press Release - Mayhem And Bolzer
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