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TM - Hi, This is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix, we are here with Zac from Blue Pills. Thank You for talking to us today. How are you?

BP - Good, just taking it easy at home.

TM - Are you meant to be on tour now?

BP - Yeah, we are just waiting to see when we can go to play festivals and out live again. We were meant to be playing festivals this season so we are just waiting.

TM - Yeh we are meant to be in Europe doing Hellfest. You have played Hellfest, tell us about that.

BP - We played Hellfest pretty early in the band's career, it was one of the first festivals we ever played. I remember we played the first set of the day, the same stage that Black Sabbath was going to play later that night. We were pretty excited that we got to play on the same stage as them. I remember this stage was so big that I didn't know where to stand and our backdrop was so smaller because we weren't used to playing on a stage that big.


TM - That's cool, did you get to meet Black Sabbath?

BP - No, I think the most star-struck moment I had was when I met Jack Black from Tenacious D in Sweden, its the only moment I've ever felt Starstruck because you see him in all the movies and everything.

TM - What can fans expect from your new album Holy Moly?

BP - I think it's a lot heavier than the last album, a lot more guitar and drums on almost every song. It's more back to the roots, I feel like it's new Bill Pills mixed with old Bill Pills.

TM - What was your writing and recording process for your new album Holy Moly?

BP - We recorded the album in our own studio when we started out. We didn't know we were setting up to record the final album, we just thought we were recording demos to make an album. we started writing songs and later on we would figure out what we were going to do. we were considering finding another studio and producer but on the demos, it evolved on its own and then it transitioned. We decided to take it one step further and write an album. we locked ourselves in the studio for half a year and wrote songs. Then another half-year of finishing up the recordings. I guess the songwriting process is, one of us will come up with something sounds good and the rest of us will finish it together.

TM - How did you come up with your Album cover for Holy Moly?

BP - The artwork for the album was already designed earlier so there wasn't a specific meaning for the artwork. The artist's name is Daira and we found her on Instagram. We found her when she didn't have a lot of followers but now she has a lot of followers. I think we got attached to that artwork overtime, it speaks about your inner demons and in thinks the artwork represents that.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be what sang and in your style or their style?

BP - I almost wouldn't want to pick, I would like to hear a band play it and be surprised by who it is. I would want to hear it in someone else's style. I think it's cool when people do covers in their own style.

TM - If you could collaborate with any band who would it be and why?

BP - It has always been a bit of a dream to collaborate with Jack White or have as a producer. The reason I guess is that when I first started playing music when I was 14 or 15. That is when The White Stripes got big and that was a huge influence for me to start playing music. I picked up the guitar and then I learnt Seven Nation Army and for me, that was such a cool song and it was so easy to play. It got me excited and it felt like the first moment that I wanted to be in a band. He has always been such a hero from the very beginning.

TM - Yeah, I like that song. Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

BP - Thank You for the support. Check out the new album and enjoy.

TM - Thank You for talking to us today. Hope you get to play soon.  

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