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Twinmusix talkto Brandan from Bleedng Through about their new album and more

What can fans expect from your new album love will kill all?

The kind of raw emotion from our records, one thing I have pride in when it comes to our records is I feel like we put a lot of yourself into it and emotion into it collectively and I think that shines through a lot.

What was your writing and recording process for love will kill all?

Alot of times we record there are a couple of members of the band and the producer but we weren't in the same room at the all for this record. This was a first from us, it was really challenging because people live further away but with modern technology like Skype and file sharing it was easier than I thought it would be .

 what instruments do you use in the studio compared to what you use on stage?

 Mesa Cabs, Mesa Heads, peavey 6505 amps, 5150 Evh amplifier, Crush Drums.

How did you decide to make set me free the first single off your new album and how did you come up with the video clip?

We choose  this song to say this isn't a rock record this is a metal record, our producer for the video was really good and had a clear vision of chaos, he said the video needs to be simple in a room shaky cameras and different lighting and I feel he got that out of that.

How did you come up with your album cover for "love will kill all"?

Our management also own a multimedia company and they asked me what sort of approach I wanted to take towards the record and I said put something that's really disturbing on there but really solid colours and they showed me and I said that's perfect.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it in your style or theirs?

Muse play Fade into the ash in their style.

If you had to take anything off your set list and replace it with a different song from a different band what would it be?

Would take off On Wings of lead and add walk by Pantera.

If you had to choose any song as a biography for your band what would you choose and why?

 I would choose rise because it's short and sweet and I feel like this band has been through so much.

Anything else you'd like to announce to your fans?

We understand people want to see us play and he will try to get to as many places as we can as soon as possible.
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