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Black Star Riders are back – with a new album, a new line-up, and what frontman Ricky Warwick calls “new energy and chemistry”.  ANOTHER STATE OF GRACE will be in stores on September 6th via Nuclear Blast Records. Black Star Riders consist of Ricky Warwick - Vocals/Guitar, Scott Gorham - Guitars, Christian Martucci - Guitars, Robert Crane - Bass and Chad Szeliga - Drums. 

Twinmusix got to speak to Christian Martucci from Black Start Riders about the upcoming album and more. 


TM - What can fans expect from your new Album Another State of Grace?


BSR - It is very much Black Star Riders album. The band went into the studio and made something that everyone will enjoy, it has a Radiance to it. I love Black Star Riders, everything they had put out is cool and it is really fun to jam with. I can't wait to start the festival season with them.


TM - How did you come to join black star riders?


BSR - Jay Ruston who produced Stone Sour's last album and a couple of other albums had heard Black Star Riders were looking for someone new. He recommended me and I ended up getting on the phone Ricky. We talking and I made a video of me at home playing the songs, I sent it to them and I guess they liked my video. 


TM - How do you think your sound has impacted the writing and recording process?


BSR - Probably a bit because I did have a hand in getting all these songs together. It wasn't much of a transition from Stone Sour into Black Star Riders because it is very much my style.


TM - How have your fans responded to the self ain't end of the road? 


BSR - I think fans like the song because it fits in with what black star Riders would do. 


TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?


BSR - Having gotten to play with Scott Gorham has fulfilled my needs.


TM - That is cool man, what a great experience. If you could collaborate with any artists who would it be and why?


BSR - Ace Frehley has been my idol since I was a child and I was able to play on an album and last year. The other day I was listening to some Danzig albums and I thought I would love to do something like this. Hopefully, I'll be able to do something with them sometime.

TM - We would love to hear that, hit us up for an interview if that happens. 


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


BSR - Hope everyone likes our new album and thank you for the support.


TM - Thank You for the interview today, we cannot wait to hear your new album and hopefully, we see you in Sydney sometime soon. 

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