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Heading 6
Twinmusix chats with Milla from Black Rheno about there Australian tour and more.

What can fans expect from your tour?

Our fans can expect a good time.

what was your tour with king parrot?

 It was really good it was our first ever tour where we went on the road with a bunch of big bands.

 Any crazy things happen while on tour with king parrot?

 Early to mid-set I decided to jump off stage and run around in the pit for a little bit, someone in the front row of people grabbed me by the legs and turned me upside down and I hit my head on the ground, I grabbed my head not sure if I was bleeding or not, after the show I went to the hospital and checked into emergency, stayed until 3 a.m. came home pack and came to play a show in Sydney.

 How did you come up with your band name?

 We threw around a lot of stupid names for a while and I'll guitarist Nano came up with the name black rheno.

 If you could play any music festival in the world which music festival would it be.

 Resurrection Fest.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band, which song and in your style or theirs?

 Primus play no time for numbnuts.

How did you come up with your album cover for lets Start a Cult?

 There's a band called Witchcliffe and their bass player designed it for us.

 what's your favourite memory with your fans?

 Drinking beers having laughs and having a good time with them.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

 After this to it is finished, we will be recording and releasing a new album. 

Black Rheno – Lock The Gate


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