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Twinmusix Talk To Black Income About Their Band And more


How has your music changed from when you first started?

We don't think it has really changed that much since our debut album, we don't aim to change it, but of course it’s natural as an artist that you evolve, and hopefully our fans like it to.. We think it’s very important for us as a band to evolve and not trying to repeat ourselves for that matter… it's also keeping the music real and alive…  that's for sure.. 


If you could pick any music festival to perform at in the world, what music festival would you pick and why?

It could be great playing at Desert Fest in Califonia, we have a lot of fans over there… and the whole idea about going into the desert just to hear great music and drink beers, really sounds like a awesome time..


What bands influenced your style of music?

We’re influenced by alot of great bands.. we kinda do our own style cobining Stoner, Grunge and fuzz (some say metal).. but ofcause we listen to alot of music, so might hear we have something in common with band like, Alice In Chains, Quuens of the Stone age and Stone Temple Pilots..


How did your band form? And how did you decide what type of music you were going to play?

We come from a long line of bands, we have been playing music our whole lives, so when we first got together, we didn't really know what to expect of it, and we didn't set off to do a certain kind of band.. we just jammed together on some tunes Henrik had lying around, and after a couple of months we formed the start of the sound now by Black Income… after a year or so, we went into the Studio and started recording our debut album “Noise Pollution”

Have you changed any member’s science you first started?

Yes, actually we have… we started out as a Trio, but decided when our first album was recorded that we would like a fourth member to join the band, when going on tour and so on… but after a while it was clear to us, that Black Income was meant to be a trio, to keep things nice and tight… so after a while we decided to change back to the original form, as recorded “Noise Pollution”... since then we got our self a new bass player as well… but that's a whole different story for that matter.. :)


If you could win any awards which one would you choose and why?

It would be the complete Bogus Business Award.. haha  from the Fake Music Business… haha.. we have tried a lot of stuff, and it seems like the small corner of the Music Business that embraces Rock and Metal music, really is as fake as it gets… Here in Denmark we have like 10 People sucking up each others butt to produce fake announcements about the rock business… so as you can imagine there's not much room for newcomers…

How did you come up with your band name and logo?

The Band name BLACK INCOME or BLCK INCM as some tend to use.. was us joking around with words from Danish to English… but then we came to think of it, and Black money is the only real weapon we have left against politics and banks, trying to rip us off… so whit that in mind we decided it was a great name for our band, since we do tend to write a lot of lyrics about the world today… then the BI logo came along with the Horns Up!.. witch is also a symbol of the fake society and the devil luring in the background..


Where do you see your band sound in the future, are you looking for a similar sound or are you going to go in a different direction?

When we work on new material we aim to keep our sound intact, we do experiment a lot with new instruments and sound.. but we keep it with in a range that is the Black Income Sound… and that’s very important to us, that whenever you hear a track on the Radio, you will be able to hear it’s Black Income… so playing real music live also when recording in the studio, we think is part of our sound today, and that's not gonna change.. there is enough crappy computer music out there today.. that's for sure..  


What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Thrust in you self, no matter what people tell you, stay focused on your music.. if you put yourself into it people will notice … Don't get caught up in the Fake Music Business, try doing it on your own, grow a network of people you thrust, and help others helping you… that way you keep your rights..


Who writes the music in your band or do you all write it together?

It’s usually Henrik that comes up with ideas for the song’s, then we take it to rehearsals and brew together until we have something we might like… after that we take it to the studio an finishes things of there..


What do you love about what you do?

Love playing and writing music, the fact the you can write something that really touches other people when they listen to it, is amazing.. it's really something that only music can do as an art form, the ability to write art that people can use whenever they feel like it, and for some changes their mood.. it’s amazing..


Did you start off writing your own music or did you start off doing covers?

We started off writing our own music, witch we think all real artists should do.. doing covers won't take you anywhere but to live off others fame and fortune, and it’s not what we are looking for at all.. we wont to creat real music art, and touch the fans who like it.

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