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Big Country played the factory theatre last night, which drew an older crowd. Big Country are best known for there song "In a Big Country" which was released in 1983.

When Big Country hit the stage they didn't waste any time and started playing there first two hits of the night "Porrorhman, Harvest Home and 1000 Suns".

Then Stuart said to the crowd " it's a long time since we played this city, last night I was in a different part of town, I recognise a few faces here tonight. There we go the one in the front the guy who was here last night, the hammer guy otherwise known as MC Hammer, are you hammered tonight MC I can see you're getting there looks like you're getting there". Then the crowd laughs "were going to play the set in the correct order tonight unlike last night". Big Country start playing "look away" and the crowd start clapping and tapping there feet along.

Stuart stops after this song and engages with the Audience he says "Excuse me while I have a wee slummy" then picks up the a bottle of water and skulls it down fast and then says "I think there's to much water for a scott" and the crowd laughs. Stuart then says " there's a lot more people here tonight you guys are obviously the Rock and rollers" and the crowd cheers. "last night he had the jazzers" and the crowd laughs. then the band starts playing jazz music and Stuart say " I don't like cricket I love it, I don't like jazz I f****** hate it, I'm just kidding for you jazz fans out there, I might play for just some jazz for you later" and then the band play "Steel Town" 

 "This is off our 4th album and we flew all the way from Scotland, no not scotland Sweden let me hear you say Sweden" and the crowd yell Sweden. "let me hear you say Sweden again" the crowd said Sweden against then Stuart says "not Sweden again, just Sweeden". And the crowd cheers and says "Sweeden". We went to Stockholm to Abba Studios to record our new album. This song is called Just a Shadow"

 "What a drama is there a drama in the house yes there is his up the back" and the crowd claps. Mark thanks the crowd for clapping. a fan in the crowd yeah I was out tell us a joke and Stuart says " Mark may or may not tell you a joke we'll see how the night progresses" Then the band plays "Lost Patrol". 

 A fan in the audience yells out hey I'm really hammered and Stewart says " Wow have you put a wig on are you twin brother's, were you can join twins at one point" and the fan yells out yeah I got the liver and the audience laughs. Big Country Proceeds to play "The Storm" followed by "Close Action" half way through the song. At the end of the song Simon walks off stage to fix his g-string and the band played  "Fragile Thing" while they were waiting for him to come back on stage the band play "Inwards" followed by "Chance".

Stuart introduces the band and  says "The Lord of Rock bass guitar it's Scott Whitley " the crowd clapped and Big Country play "Wonderland and Field's of Fire" and say " ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and members of the audience, thank you for such a warm reception you made this feel like home" and walk off stage.

 The audience start cheering for an encore, Big Country come back on stage and play one more song,  end such a fantastic night last song they sing for the night was called "In a Big Country" Big Country say thank you and good night and walk off stage.






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