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Bullet for My Valentine Interview


Twinmusix got to talk to Jason from Bullet for My Valentine about there upcoming Australia tour and more.


TM - What are you most excited about doing in Australia is there anything you're really looking forward to?


BFMV - I think the highlight of Australia is the people because it's so far away yet so close to home, There are a lot of similarities you love. The queen for Christ's sake and you're so far away. really easy chilled out vibes every time I have played there. It is going to be really hot because that's your summer so I can't imagine it.



TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?


BFMV - A new set of songs because obviously, Gravity came out at the end of June. About 5 or 6 songs off the new album, we have in the set the thing that they said all along is how diverse it makes Bullet For My Valentine live.


When we started writing the album we knew that we wanted it to be different and didn't want it sound like Waking the Demon or betrayal. When you think of the lifespan of Bullet there is about 6 albums now and we wanted variety in the set, otherwise, it's just boring. It is like when you watch bands and 10 of the same songs in the set and that is just boring. Fans can expect high energy and different moments in the set.



TM - How did you pick your setlist for your Australian tour?


BFMV - It is difficult when we choose our setlist. We always think let's try something different, let's try and play something we have never played before. We always bounce back to doing the most popular songs, you can't get away from them because that's what people want to hear ultimately.



TM - What was your writing and recording process on your new album Gravity?


BFMV - We started writing last April and started jamming a bunch of old school metal songs which were old school and boring, that's when we decided we need to change the direction of our music so we're in the more modern Direction. We just Incorporated some Electronics sounds, nothing that's turned us into a dubstep or rave band but very heavy with soundscapes over the top. The process lasted about 7 months, it took a while to find a new direction but that's just how it is.


The artwork came from just throwing lots of briefs out there, and there was so much artwork coming back that was just not right just your typical kind of artwork just that cliche artwork that you would associate with a metal band. Then wings came back and it just ticked all the boxes, really just a specific thing textual iconic piece of artwork and really liked that because it was different and it didn't really shout out heavy metal Demons, vibrant pleasing to the eye and made you feel good when you looked at it.



TM - What's your opinion on Hellfest compared to other international festivals?


BFMV - Its best in the world to me and pisses on and everything else. I think partly because of the guy that runs it owns all the land so he can optimise and refine it to the best possible festival. It has got beautiful surroundings, it's clean and well run. When it appears on our touring calendar it's a very nice feeling I love France Lifestyle food the wine is a beautiful location.



TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?


BFMV - Friends of mine have a band called dungeon which is kind of like 80s synth pop done in a cool way and I think it would be really cool to throw a song at them like piece of me and see what they can do with it because it's a hardcore metal song.



TM - Would yoube able to tell us a tour story?


BFMV - There was part of the set when I was doing a drum solo and the band went off stage. Jamie, our bass player needed the toilet he walked out the door and went to the toilet and the door locked behind him so he had to run all the way out the venue all the way through the crowd and find his way back on stage.


TM- oh, no. I am glad he got back on time.



TM - If you could pick any song title as a biography title for your band what would it be and why?


BFMV - I choose a piece of me because I think he lost a piece of ourselves when writing this album.


TM- We asked some of your Fans some Questions, and we are excited to give them the answers. 


TM - Who do you think should be headlining download this year in the UK?


BFMV - I would say us, Bullet. We would love to headline again.


TM - Any plans to tour the UK or Europe next year?


BFMV - I don't know yet, we are doing two massive shows in the UK in November.



TM - How does it feel to have everyone know your name?


BFMV - What me personally or the band name?


TM - The band name


BFMV - Good, especially  when you come to America everyone seems to have heard of us. We have a very broad fan base in terms of age range and the feels special.



TM - Anything else you want to announce to your fans?


BFMV - Keep coming to our shows and keep your faith with the band we are entering a period and the best is yet to come





TM- Thank you for our interview, we look forward to seeing you in Australia!



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