Release Brand New Single Sail Away

“All I ever wanted was to sail away But I got caught up in the waves along the way”

“Sail Away” with AUDREY HORNEs second live single off the upcoming album, Waiting For The Night, to be released on February 28, 2020 via Napalm Records.

This intoxicating, equally emotional powerful rock ballad and its compelling video draw you deep into the feeling of an incredible live atmosphere. AUDREY HORNE’s impressive performance, enriched with off stage footage intensely satisfies all the listener’s senses.

Due to its musicality and feeling, Thomas Tofthagen’s (ex-Sahg) overwhelming solo and Toschie’s powerful, anthemic sounding voice coalesce with the band into a pure musical indulgence. There’s no way sailing around this song without having shivers running down your spine!


”Sail Away” is our second single from our upcoming live album. It is taken from our third album, AUDREY HORNE, and we are happy to release this, as it is a song we originally planned as a single back then. That never happened, but now it has been given a second chance. POWER(ballad) TO THE PEOPLE!”

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