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Twinmusix chat with Andrew strong about there Australian tour and more.

 what can fans expect from your Australian tour?

We're doing  the songs that are from The Commitments soundtrack, it's predominantly that type of show, I'm also doing a couple of other songs from other records.

 What type of influence did your parents have on you to get into the music industry?

 My father is a very respected musician and singer here in Ireland, he's been on the go since the early 60s and still active to this day, so I was brought up in with very musical background.

 You toured with Stones Prince and Elton John what was your favorite tour memory?

 Touring with the Rolling Stones as pretty big originally I did 8 shows with those guys, I went home a week later I got another call saying we want you to come out and do four more shows.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band which song andin your style or theirs?

 Chris Cornell he was a major influence on me, doing Try a Little Tenderness.

 You covered The Rolling Stones song out of time what inspired you to cover this song?

 It didnt inspire me, my agent hoaxed me into doing this song, when I first heard it a guy called Chris Harlow had a very big hit with this song, that's the time I was making my record my agent came in and told me this song was great, and then played me Chris Balis version of it, my agent had to convince me to do the song, then I listen to The Stones version of it and I thought yeh I'll do it.

 When recording in the studio,what gear do you use compared to on tour?

 On tour i use 57 reissue bass learns, 62 salmon pink Stratocaster, gauge 13 strings
 and I use handwired pedals.

You toured with The Commitments for your 20th anniversary show, you sold over 24000 tickets 2 for shows, what was your favourite fan memory on this tour?

 Meeting the fans afterwards, they would come up and say to me, they had waited 20 years to hear you sing these songs.

 how do you pick which songs are going to be singles, on your album?

I think you just pick what feels right.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

 I'm super stoked come to Australia to ring in Australia is like to ring in the home away from home.
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