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Andrew McMahon


Anderew McMahon is a Vocalist, Pianist and lyricist from the United States and last night he graced our shores with his incredibly smooth voice and piano skill that you could only wish to have yourself.


Andrew McMahon played at the factory theater last night and his skills encapsulated the audience. As Andrew walked on stage the crowd cheered. Andrew sat on top of his piano for the first song of his set (love and great buildings) and played his keyboard while singing. As you stood in the crowd all you could hear was the sound of everyones voice in unison.


Andrew welcomed the crowd and made everyone laugh with his unique jokes, then he swiftly moved down to the piano to play his next two songs I'm ready, punk rock princess and rainy girl.


Then Andrew invited Zac Clark to play on stage with him. As Andrew introduced Zac he was really excited and enthusiastic. They were both really excited to be playing Australia together and they love touring together as they are fantastic friends and they play together impeccably.


Andrew and Zac played Caynon moon and high dive. Then they played a few cover songs by Jack Mannequin and something corporate, the songs included bruised, as you sleep and swin. As Andrew finished Swim he asked the crowd what they wanted to see next, everyone started yelling out songs and he started to play them, then Andrew said "Well that setlist is abounded" and the crowd laughed. Then he said "I haven't sung those songs in a while, did you like them" and the crowd cheered with excitement.


With the crowd buzzing and enjoying every moment he proceeded to sing Holiday from real. Andrew and Zac closed off the night with Cecelia and the Satellite and la la lie. 


It was a fantastic audience to be in and everyone sang every word with Andrew and Zac, it really made you want to attend another gig and made the crowd feel together as one.

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