Dark Folk Artist To Release Debut Album, Everything Is Fine, (feat Brad Wilk of Prophets Of Rage) on October 19
Reveals Powerful Music Video for Introspective Ballad Cocaine & Abel
"I wanted this video to be a
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“a contrite and regretful man bares his soul by recounting his bad decisions, evil acts, self-doubt and fears. It’s one of the most powerful songs that I have heard all year.”
It features the standout confessional ballad Cocaine And Abel, which has stunned all who have heard it. Finger-picked acoustic guitar, piano and a sympathetic, sparing string arrangement underpin a song described by Everything Is Noise as 

Amigo The Devil will release his debut album, Everything Is Fine, on October 19!

Owing to his use of morbid, yet oddly romantic lyrical themes and musical stylings, it comes as no surprise that he has swiftly turned the heads of heavy metal and alternative rock fans too.

Since his humble beginnings, Danny Kiranos – better known to the masses as his musical counterpart AMIGO THE DEVIL,  has been challenging the expectations of folk music. 

lifecatalog of the confessions in the song. It’s the process of personal change and hopefully growth which is a strong theme throughout the record," said Amigo The Devil “I was born impatient and I was born unkind, but I refuse to believe I have to be the same person I was born when I die.”

A key figure in the U.S. ‘murder folk’ scene that also includes contemporaries such as The Devil Makes Three and The Dead South, the music of singer-songwriter AMIGO THE DEVIL is a unique blend of folk that also incorporates elements of Southern Gothic, Country and Bluegrass. 
Initially influenced by the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Godspeed! You Black Emperor, the artist born as Danny Kiranos has a recognized sound that carries traces of artists such as Americana string band Old Crow Medicine Show and singer-songwriters William
ElliottWhitmore and David Eugene Edwards of 16 Horsepower, allied with direct, often morbid lyrics shot through with a dark sense of humor.

AMIGO THE DEVIL’s devoted underground cult-following has blossomed throughout the past few years – doubtlessly enhanced by his recent tours/performances with the likes of Ghost Bath, 
Pig Destroyer, SunnO))), Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Rotting Out and Neurosis, and his
2015 7” split with Godhunter.

He has amassed respect from fans and bands alike who have all helped to spread the shadowed word of AMIGO THE DEVIL outside of the folk music community.

Everything Is Fine, was produced by Ross Robinson, renowned for his work with major league hard rock/metal acts such as Korn, Slipknot, At The
Drive In, and Glassjaw. 
But here, Robinson brings a warmth and presence to a musically varied set of songs that reveal more with each play. The album also features drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine
, Prophets of Rage) sitting in on the entire recording session. 

The album was recorded at Valentine Studios, a time capsule untouched since the 70’s with all the original gear and atmosphere. Everything was recorded, mixed and mastered to tape to capture an absolute and pure brutal honesty.

Despite being armed with only his voice and a banjo/acoustic guitar, his live show is a world away from what might be expected of a typical ‘folk’ show. Loaded with sing-alongs and a heavy dose of humour, the set helps to make otherwise grim topics accessible for fans of all genres. 

If you happen to hear a roomful of people yelling ‘I hope your husband dies’ in some harmoniously sloppy drunken unison, then you have probably stumbled into an Amigo The Devil show!

Check out more new tracks from Everything Is Fine here
Hungover In JonestownEveryone Gets Left Behind & Hell And You 

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