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Twinmusix got to speak to Elize Ryd from Amaranthe about their upcoming album and more. 


TM - Hi, Thank You for taking the call with us today, we appreciate it, we are here with Elize from amaranth. 


ER - Thank You for calling me, I appreciate it. I am really glad and honoured.


TM - How's everything been going for you? 


ER - It's going great, we are very excited to be amaranth at the moment and we are so honoured to do talks with people like you guys. Right now we are about to release our new upcoming album. We just went on some trips for some interviews and we went to Poland recording some music videos. You would think that we can't do anything at the moment because of the coronavirus situation, but for us, it's a has-been rolling like planned. We are staying very stimulated, except we are not allowed to tour. I said at least we have other exciting things happening. 


TM - That's awesome that's good for you guys.


ER - Yes, I know a lot of other bands have been extremely depressed. They can't do anything, you know, so we are taking all these moments to appreciate it a little extra. How are you guys buy the way? 


TM - We are good, thanks for asking. What did you do in Poland can you tell us more about that? 


ER - Yeah, first of all, we've recorded the video for Archangel. We recorded it about a month ago. I think it came out about 3 days ago, I don't know if you guys have seen it yet but it's the first single for album Manifest. We went out of our way to record two more videos and one of them is coming out on the release date of October 2nd. We also took the opportunity to record the third video and we don't know when we are going to release it yet. We felt like we had to put it on hold, so we had something fun to put out when it starts to get cold and dark here in Sweden.


TM - I'm sure everyone can't wait to see those.


ER - Yeah, we hope they like it. It was extremely fun to see the band again and play around in front of the camera, it's always a great time. On the other hand, you have very nice weather when we have winter. 


TM - Can you give us a hint about the videos? 


ER - The Archangel video was very special. We put up very different videos from each other and the forthcoming will be kind of simple. I would say just to put extra focus on the performer and the song. Then we have a song that people wouldn't expect us to do a video for, we did for the ones we have for video. It's fun and like it's like theatre, it's like acting, I can reveal it has something to do with zombies 


TM - That sounds interesting. 


ER - Yes.


TM - What can fans expect from your new album Manifest? 


ER - I would say they can expect a lot of energy and power, also a lot of playfulness and heaviness. Uplifting topics and trying to put all different aspects from the emotional spectrum. 


TM - Yeah, I listened to your new album, it's really good, I like it. 


ER - Awesome to hear, Thanks.


TM - It's alright.


TM - What was your writing and recording process for your new album Manifests? 


ER - We started to write last year in September and we always try to discuss what we did on the last album and what we liked about it. what we would like to renew for this new upcoming sound, like a sound wise and the meaning of the album. Why do we make this album, we always need to find a reason for everything and the reason for this is we would like to establish a sound to be like what is the core sound of Amaranthe. What we stand for and what we represent and that's more personalised. What do you call it experimental, so we all just ran it ourselves and did what we experienced on the previous album, to find the core and represent. On Manifest, we wanted Amaranthe as a band and musically and then, of course, we went to Denmark to record and that was a little chaotic because they were closing the borders.


We had to leave from Sweden early to make sure we arrived in time before being locked down. It was a very strange situation and it was me and pay at first Morton lives in Denmark so he wasn't in as much danger. The rest of us were uncertain, so we had a lot of plan Bs. Johan recorded his bass in Finland because he thought it would be safer not to be locked away from his family for a long time. You never know if the government are going to change the laws overnight and you won't be able to travel back home again. I and Olaf thought if we have to stay and Denmark for a year will do it because the music is that important. Everyone could come over except Johan, so everything went kind of smoothly. We weren't able to have a great time like go to bars or restaurants but the process was fun with Joseph Hanson. There were also a lot of things to talk about besides music, just a situation in the world at the moment was very strange.


TM - What was it like working with Jacob Hanson? 


ER - It is always great, we call him bedstead which is like a grandfather in English. It's like we are a little family and he was in his 30'S. when we started to break and we were around our 20s and now we are older and have a lot of fond memories from previous recordings. He knows exactly what sound, so it's so easy to discuss with him. It's always good to work with him and we know him well. It was the same this time we had a great time.


TM - That's awesome and you also worked with Noora from Battle Beast on your new song strong, how was that? 


ER - I think it was very cool to bring in a second clean female vocalist on one of our tracks and this is something we had never done. Except on Do Or Die, she's doing the growls. We were meant to go on tour with Battle Beast and we planned to do this performance live with the track strong, but then the tour got cancelled and we decided to release the single anyway. If it wasn't due to coronavirus we would have loved to have her in the studio with us and that wasn't possible, the downside is that we couldn't record together so we had to go back and forth the boys in the band. We love her, she is a really strong thought independent women. She is a cool girl she's from Finland, we all know Finish people are very special. It was fun for us to bring in someone who isn't predictable. Someone who we see a future with. She is obviously from the newer generation of female metal vocalists. 


TM - They are a great band as well.


ER - Abousetely, bad ass. 


TM - I will ask you our signiture question, If you could have any band pkay one of your songs, which band would it be, which song would it be and would it be in your style or their style?


ER - oh, well we did a cover of Sabaton, so it would be awesome to hear Sabaton to do a cover of one of our songs. Our song Drop Dead Cynical. We also love Rammstein, so I would die to hear them do a cover of our songs. 


TM - That would be cool to hear. 


ER - I'm not sure which song, and of course, it would be their style. I'm not sure which song, Basically any song I think. 


TM - If it happens, let us know, we want to hear it.


ER - Please Rammstein.


TM - Please do it.

ER - You have to send them this interview, we have a planned collaboration with you guys. 


TM - Maybe I will, Maybe I will be like, hey, they want to do a collaboration with you and see if they respond.


ER - Yeah, you never know. This is the fun things with life I think. The weirdest things can happen. 


TM - For your song Do or Die, you released it with Angela Gossow on the album and you also released Henrik. Why did you release two versions?


ER - We wrote the song based on the idea I had for a video. It was more like a concept. Then the boys loved the song and they talked about how it would sound if they sang it. We also saw that the fans were the same. What if that was Henrik, what would it sound like. 


It was kind of fun because from our perspective we wanted to give the fans what they want. That's one of the main goals and inspirations for us. That inspired us to make this version. It shows the song and the meaning of the song is most important in the end. The message we want to put out is very clear. It can be anyone performing this song. 


TM - What is your favourite memory watching someone else perform live, can you tell us a story?


ER - I have to say now because it was recently. It was the last tour we went on before COVID hit. I was with Sabaton and Apoplectic, and they did a collaboration where  Apoplectic went on the stage with Sabaton, I had to watch it every night for a month because it was the best collaboration ever. It was Angels Calling, I will never forget that. 


TM - That's awesome. The last question, is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?


ER - I love you guys, I think you are the best, amazing and fantastic in every way. Thanks for making this band able to exist. We are always grateful. We hope you like the new album as well. 


TM - Thank You for this interview, we appreciate it. 


ER - Thank You, It was nice to talk to you. 


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