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Twinmusix talk to alien weaponry about their new album and more

What can fans expect from your new album Tu?

A diverse range of metal.

What was the writing process for Tu?

One of us will normally write a riff and work on the song from there.

How did you come up with the album cover for Tu?

 We pitch your idea to Barney Buick and he designed our album covers.

What gear do you use on stage and in the studio?

Marshall silver anniversary jcm 900, Spector bass guitars, Dbz Guitats, mapex drums, meinl cymbals and 2 Marshall DSL once a 50 watt and one is a 100 watt I run them with their cabinets hard left and hard right.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band which song and in your style or theirs?

 Lamb of God to perform one of our songs

You're playing at metal days and Wacken Open Air what can fans expect from this?

They can expect a lot of heartfelt songs.

 You have four rules in your band stick together, write good music, rehearse and don't be a dick how did these rules come about?

We just came up with it one day and stuck to it.

You worked with Tom Larkin from shihad on your first album what was it like working with him?

He's really good to work with and really honest about your work he's awesome to work with.

 Any thing else I'd like to announce to your fans?

Check out our new album.
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