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Alice Cooper band  interview 
Twinmusix chat with Chuck Garric from Alice Coopers band and Beasto Blanco

How often do you tour with your Fender 73 p bass?

As much as I can it's like leaving home with your most conftable partner. You miss them I've had that bass for quite a long time and it belonged to a very close friend of mine who is no longer with us. It's got alit of centermental vaule. It's got a great sound to it I don't tour with it as much as I use to. It's so old and being on the road sometimes the insturments tend to take a hit or two. I'm trying to avoid damage or any more wear and tear on that bas. So she's at home safe and sound I use her for a lot of the Besto songs and in the studio

 You used your fender 73 p to write such albums as eyes of Alice Cooper and dirty diamonds, how does this bass influence your music writing style?

Sometimes as a song writer it depends on how you are writing the song. I think the song dirty diamond was written on the bass. I heard the sound of the p bass as I was messing around with the riff. That's a easy and groovy riff you can tell it's written as basic as you can. It has a important sound and a important part of that song. Sometimes you don't know how you are going to write a tune, you don't just say I'm going to write a song. When the muse strikes it could just be a vocal melody, lyric idea, guitar, electric guitar or bass. A lot of times I'll know the p bass is going to be the main instruments on the song because it responds so well to playing with your fingers and with a guitar pick.

What's your recording process with Alice Cooper band?

It depends on the producer and situation. Are we jaming the songs live as a band. I did a lot of songs for Hollywood Vampires that way going to the room and everyone playing live and take the Best take from there and do over dubs later on. A lot of times the drums and guitars will be already tracked and you are just coming in and playing along to tracks yourself. It could be you in the live room with the actual band getting that vibe and energy. If you are in the studio sitting with the producer and engineer in the studio with a comfy chair with your tea and you figure it out from there. Every situation has it's own special dynamic.

You do a Awesome version of God of Thunder what covers do you like performing?

I don't know if you are familiar with my band Beasto Blanco. If you are you should check out   the version of Feed My Frankenstein. Covers are fun I never really considered myself as a covers guy. I've always been in a original rock band I've never been in cover bands. I did the thing with Eric singer and Bruce Killick as it was so much fun. We pay tribute to the bands we were in as well as some of the bands that influenced us. Some of the ones that I like to play are Motorhead, Kiss, Metallica things like that.

What was your inspiration for the break down video for Beasto Blanco?

It was our first vedio our first go and what we wanted to accomplish. We we're a young band and still are a young band but at the time we were really young and fresh just trying to get the point across of some of the things you could look put for live and the concept of what type of band we are and thing's like that. I look at that vedio crack up a lot of the time because there are so many things that make me laugh it really funny that I thought we could get away with that. At the time I wanted to give someone the experience of what it would be like to see us live and capture that energy.

How did you come up the band name Beasto Blanco?

The whole concept came to us when we were kicking around some names. And for me I knew it was going to be a whole new adventure I'm going to become the front man and guitarist. For me had some obstacles that I had to overcome, Calico was going to be singing and fronting the band as well not just dancing she had a bigger role in this band, the responsibilities became heavier. We wanted to come up with something that was our spirit animal and inner beast, the music had that vibe to it. Had a animalistic magnetism, driving music that let the beast out so giving it a name would conjure The beast, we named the beast beasto Blanco that was the way of turning fear into courage. If we had any ideas that we couldn't do something there would be something we could relay on and that was the music that would help us get through those moments. It turned out that it is something we do carry with us because regardless if it's something you are afraid to do, or have a little fear on stage or your own talents, I think people go through that every day. People have a hard time dealing with people, bullies or parents or people who are giving them a hard time, they fear them own self or their own ability of somthing they have always wanted to do, Mabye they can have this sprite as well pick themselves up and go for it, have some morals, you never know unless you try it. I think you would be surprised by the out come if you start kicking some doors down.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or there's?

I would love to hear rob zombie play one of our tunes and hear his take on one of them.

How would you describe your song?

White Zombie, Alice Cooper, Motorhead

Do you have any other announcements?

There's going to be some stuff announced very soon. We have a live record coming out that's recorded in Berlin Germany
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