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We got to speak to Chris Bowes about his up coming tour, new song ideas and more.

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian Tour?

CB - Giant inflatable ducks, there will also be some drinking and singing but most definitely giant inflatable ducks.


TM - Have you created The Duck Song yet?

CB - No not yet, but I think I am going to on the next album. There will be have to be a song about giant inflatable ducks. These days the duck is the most important part of our show. Thank You for the suggestions there will be a duck song on our next album.

TM - Awesome, I can't wait to hear your new duck song.

TM - You created the dog metal album will you create a Duck metal album?

CB - We don't do the same thing twice. I think everyone is expecting us to have a bonus disc on the next album, with animal sounds but we have to think of something completely different to do. Not sure what I think feel like doing really awful bonus discs because it's easy so we will think of something stupid.


TM - What was your idea behind your dog album and how did you go about recording it?

CB - Our record label said we need to have a bonus disc for our special edition and I usually hate bonus disks, I think they're nonsense. I thought what is a crap thing we can do and I thought lets get some dogs but not real dogs. I would love to get some real dogs except we are a very low effort band. We just got a cheap keyboard with a dog sound that goes for woof and Elliot our keyboard player did the album in about half an hour.


TM - would you do a song about eye patches?

CB - We once stood an eyepatch song and that's about the only song we have ever cut it was so awful the chorus was eye patch, eye patch, put on your eye patch, eye patch, eye patch, take off your eye patch and it was awful. 

TM - If I write you a thirty second song about Eye patchs will you sing it?

CB- Yes, I will sing in in Sydney 


TM - *laughs* sweet, I will write one.

TM -  How did you come up with your setlist for the Australian tour?

CB - We just play the songs that people like. We don't pick songs to stroke our own egos. We just go in iTunes find out what aisle most listened songs are and play those.


TM - What are you most looking forward to doing this Australia?

CB - My favourite thing to do is Australia go to this nice little cafe in Perth called toast. They do really nice breakfast, we can't wait to go back there and obviously the beachs and boxing matches with kangaroos.

TM - Can you write a song about Australia about boxing matches and kangaroos?

CB - You know, we might just do that. We love Writing Songs About countries to make them love us. We went to Mexico and wrote a song about them and now they love us, so it worked.

TM - Can you tell us about the Rumble Combo story?

CB - Many years ago we went on tour with this band called Grave Digger and back then we were even more awful than we are now. We were drunk all the time and they didn't like us on the tour. After the tour the singer was doing an interview and the interviewer says "so tell me about Alestorm" he said "Alestorm is just crazy, they are a rock rumple combo" which is German for stupid idiot. We thought that was great so we wrote this 2 second song called Rumple Combo. We credited the music and the lyrics to the singer and everytime that song is played he gets $0.01 so he will never forget us which is nice.


TM - What made you want to do your live DVD in Australia?

- We thought Lets go somewhere  stupid to do our live DVD and you all seem to like us for some reason.


TM - What is your Favorite Rum?

CB - I don't really like run it all taste the same, it is like drinking liquid ice sugar. Your Australian rum Bundaberg that's pretty bad that tastes like poison.

TM - whats your favorite drink?

CB - I like real stupid cocktails I like frozen strawberry margarita. I would like one right now.


TM - I saw you in another interview on YouTube eating a strawberry Magnum through the whole interview.
CB - They are such good Ice Creams, I want one now.

TM - To go with your strawberry margarita?

CB - That sounds great, just dip them magnum into the margarita. I should get in touch with the Magnum people and get my own custom Magnums made.

TM - That is a great idea, I would like to try them.

TM - If you had a drinking contest with your band who do you think would win?

CB - Our guitar player Mate, I think you can drink a bit of alcohol. He goes quite insane, he is Hungarian. I think he likes getting naked more than anyone. I think I have seen his balls and Cock more than anyone. In the world he just gets naked and runs around all the time.


TM - If you have a drinking contest with Lagerstein who would win?

CB - Years ago I would have said them because they had Phil but now they dont have Phil I would have to say us.


TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

CB - I Like it when bands play your songs and it's sounds completely different. I want see some jazz band play one of us songs.


TM - If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

CB - I like doing collaboration with anyone that asks, except no one have a us because we have no friends.

TM - I'll do a collaboration with you but I can't sing (laughs)

CB - That's fine neither can I.

TM - I can write Lyrics.

CB - Thats fine, you write the lyrics ill do the backing it will be the best song ever.


TM - Why do you put tape on your keytar?

CB - It looks really boring just being White. Guitar players get all these cool shapes and colours, no one does that for keytars you just have to go to a shop and buy whatever they have. I tried to make it look cool but it didn't really work. I put all this tape on it and it fell off but all the glue stayed on so it was like trying to play this giant sticky glue thing. I will get it re decorated one of these days with cool colours.

TM - you should do your own Custom Keytar.

CB - I would love to do that, my own signature Keytar with one of the companies with lazers and spikes.

TM - You should make a Keytar company and sell them to people.

TM - Anything else you want to Announce to your fans?

CB - Come to our show in Sydney, the support act is going to be my band that sings about beans.

TM - Thank you so much for our interview, we can't wait to see you in Sydney. 


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