Swedish atmospheric black metallers, Wormwood have released another highly cinematic video, this time for The Gentle Touch of Humanity - the closing song on their upcoming album, Arkivet, which will be released on August 27.

NINE (Lead Vocalist) comments on the video
"Keeping with the bleak theme of the album, this video is no different. We're all taking part in the destruction machine called Humanity. An unstoppable force uprooting the essence of the earth and planting seeds of disease.  

The world watches in apathy as the heart is being ripped out from its core and a continental-wide scar stretches throughout everything we know. The Gentle Touch of Humanity is what our tired and dead eyes watches from the temporary sanctuary we call our home. Nothing can be done, the wound is too deep, let's hope nature goes out with a fight.

The video might not be for everyone but it will make you feel something. Viewer discrection is advised."

Watch The Gentle Touch of Humanity here



Watch Wormwood's incredible video for previous single, The Archive, which follows the desperation after an unprecedented catastrophe in Sweden.



ARKIVET Track By Track

-The Archive
The last story written by the few who survived the apocalypse and what man didn't do to preserve what we had.



When nature topples our skyscrapers and when the warning signs from Earth were not heard. 


-End of Message

The last message sent out to the endless black cosmos before our protagonist dies. 


-My Northern Heart

A hymn to our ancestors and our previous unsullied land. 



The sentimental and romantic view from a Nordic perspective as our lands fall into ruin. 


-The Slow Drown

A slow and hopeless journey through the minds of an old lady with dementia. 


-The Gentle Touch of Humanity

In the wake of humanities' destruction we follow the afterbirth of man’s collapse.


Nine – Vocals

Tobias Rydsheim – Lead Guitars, Keys, Vocals

Jerry Engström – Rhythm Guitars 

Oskar Tornborg – Bass, Vocals

Daniel Johansson – Drums


The first editions of vinyl for Arkivet will include a novel written by author Mikael Strömberg (in Swedish and English) and depicts this tragic incident and the aftermath.
The vinyl edition comes as a 2xLP, beautifully embossed gatefold cover, etched D-side with the “Plague Star”-emblem. 
The album was mixed and mastered the renowned pop/dance producer Jonathan Ojeda


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Wormwood formed in 2014 when a small group of friends decided to create something different. It started off as a Black’n’Roll band but something was missing. Shortly after its inception vocalist Nine joined the band along with J.Engström. With new fuel to the wintry machine they embarked on a journey through uncharted territories. Their first release, The Void – Stories From the Whispering Well was a hit in the underground scene in Stockholm 2015, but it left them unsatisfied, so they went back to the drawing board after an European Tour.

With this new-found vigor they released Ghostlands – Wounds From a Bleeding Earth in 2017. Now the world started to pay attention - the reviews started to pour in and a plethora of superlatives filled magazines and webzines. In 2018, just a few selected gigs were performed, because something was starting to take form. Soundscapes of forlorn Swedish melancholy, stories of famine and tales of unspeakable horror all of these are the backbone of their next release, Nattarvet.

While Ghostlands focused on the awe-inspiring cosmos and grand Scandinavian vistas, Nattarvet (Night-Heritage) is something more personal. It’s about the people who we forgot, people in isolation, families who died because the winters were too harsh, the scarcity of food and comfort within the hamlets in taiga of Sweden.

When Nattarvet got released in 2019 the goal for Wormwood was to play all over the world, tour and be as active as ever, but we all know what happened in 2020. Because of the pandemic the tours and gigs were postponed indefinitely. As luck have it they had already started to write their new album in the end of 2019. Instead of clamouring about the loss of gigs, the creation of their latest opus was set in motion.