We live in tumultuous times. Just about every aspect of American—no, more than that, worldwide—lifestyle is on the hinge of change, and for good reason. Between cries for justice, unity, peace, tolerance and the persistence on “Making America Great Again,” there seems to be no bastion of popular or political culture that isn’t bursting at the seams waiting for a revolution. This, of course, includes the underground music scene—yet, little beknownst to pop-punkers and alt-rockers worldwide, the revolution has already begun with a bold and boisterous conflict between aggressive and headstrong alternative rock and catchy, quirky, creative pop-punk. This revolution, of course, is none other than the enigmatic Chicago-based pop-punk- meets-alternative chimera,WORLD WAR ME. A young band with little more to show than two enormously successful singles and a work ethic and dedication to playing throughout the country that makes the Energizer Bunny look lazy, WORLD WAR ME is a prodigally gifted group of talented, driven individuals that stand to engulf the world in their chaotic and engaging brand of combat in seconds flat.


WORLD WAR ME was founded in late fall of 2015, exploding into the music scene like one hundred cannons firing in unison. While they didn’t immediately have music to show to the world, that didn’t stop them from getting their foot in the door within their local scene as quickly as possible, playing a series of shows within the Illinois area throughout the winter that followed, building a reputation for their blend of nostalgic, emotionally fueled pop-punk and contemporary, catchy and anthemic alternative rock and post-hardcore. Their DIY attitude persevered throughout the barren and bitter Midwestern winter, culminating in the release of their debut single, ‘Fire and Flames’, which burned through the inches of thick ice and frigid snow to light the local scene—and the world at large—in an all-consuming blaze. Borrowing their name from a time-tested and revered FROM FIRST TO LAST anthem, WORLD WAR ME’s love for nostalgia is unabashed—proudly bearing prominent influence from artists like MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and the style of heart-on- their-sleeves alt-emo FALL OUT BOY forgotten in the late 2000’s. However, they also infuse their penchant for yesteryear’s sound and style with a moderate dose of contemporary head-strong, riff-driven and ultra-catchy song structure, especially prevalent in their sharp, lacerating riffs and choruses that stay ingrained in the listener’s head for weeks on end: all this manifested itself in the band’s sophomore single, ‘War Zone’, an onslaught of dissonant, crunchy and heavy riff-work with more than enough energy to keep the band’s peppy, punky attitude unblemished. ‘War Zone’ hit the streets June 24th of 2016, and, alongside it, the announcement that they would be an early addition to SharpTone Records’ blossoming roster. Coupled with this gargantuan news, ‘War Zone’ is a summertime hit that resonated in the ears and headphones of fans worldwide for the months to follow.


The remainder of 2016 was dedicated in part to incessant live performances, including a 1.5 hour set at the Crestwood Rockfest, including original material and covers both. WORLD WAR MEweren’t just complacent with gigging their way through the Midwest, however—as June, July and August saw them writing, recording and polishing their debut full-length release — a sprawling collection of tracks scheduled to be released in the coming months. As 2016 faded into 2017,WORLD WAR ME refused to slow down—fighting their way through a quick weekend run withTHE FUNERAL PORTRAIT (Revival Recordings) and setting their sights on a June tour in support of LANDON TEWERS (The Plot In You) as well as a July tour with GET SCARED (Fearless Records) and FAMOUS LAST WORDS (Revival Recordings). Throughout it all, the band have maintained a strong and fan-friendly presence across several social media platforms as well as incessant promotion for their debut LP, produced by GET SCARED’s Nick Matthews. An off-the-wall love child between the alternative, punk and pop-rock of the 2000s and contemporary post-hardcore and pop-punk, WORLD WAR ME’s revolution of ruthlessly catchy and rampant creativity is one that listeners of any sort of music will be able to find themselves a part of.

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