Announce Virtual Release Show
“First Flight Of The White Raven”  
Airing: March 26

Wardruna announce a unique virtual release show taking place on March 26. 


Wardruna´s signature sound has no borders. Transcending time, language and musical genres. The Norwegian collective is widely admired for their idiosyncratic, authentic and extraordinary stage performances. 


Amidst the global pandemic and the uncertain future of live performances, Wardruna welcomes you to join them from your own homes for an ambitious virtual release show. Seeking to reconnect audiences from around the globe, and to reimagine the entire Wardruna experience in a bold new way.  By joining the event you can experience the première performance of songs from their new album Kvitravn alongside their earlier works, set in a special surrounding arranged specifically for this evening. 

Virtual tickets and special release show merchandise will be available on Feb. 5, 8pm AEDT through 



20 Feb – Jorvik Viking Festival, Einar Selvik Solo – www.jorvikthing.com

26 Mar – Virtual ‘Kvitravn’ Release Show – www.wardrunashop.com 


Masterful Norwegian storytellers Wardruna have recently released their brand new album Kvitravn on By Norse Music. The album is charting in several countries worldwide: 
Official Charts:
#02 Australia (iTunes Chart!)
#01 Austria
#01 Canada (World Music)
#02 Germany
#02 Switzerland
#03 USA (Americana/Folk)
#08 Poland
#11 Norway
#12 Sweden
#19 Finland
#26 The Netherlands
#32 Belgium
#50 UK
#56 France 

Further Chart Positions:
#01 US Top New Artist Album
#01 Poland International Albums
#02 Finland Physical
#04 US Digital Albums
#09 US Billboard Top Album
#13 UK Vinyl Charts
#13 UK Rock & Alternative 
#22 France Physical Album 

‘Kvitravn’ reached a #1 placement on the official Austrian charts and #2 on the official album charts in Germany and Switzerland first week, #8 in Poland, #11 in Norway and #12 in Sweden, #19 in Finland, #22 in France, #26 in the Netherlands, #50 in the UK, #3 on the Americana/Folk charts and #1 on the Canadian world album chart! 

It peaked at #1 on the iTunes global album charts three days in a row first days after release, in addition to reaching #1 in 17 markets on the iTunes All Genre chart, including in Germany, France, Canada and the Netherlands, as well as a long list of high placements in further markets, such as #2 in Australia, #3 in the UK and #4 in the US. On the iTunes World chart, the album peaked #1 in 29 markets including US, UK, Germany, France and many other. On top of that ‘Kvitravn’ entered many specialized charts all over the world! 

Following an intensive period in the studio, Kvitravn musically continues where the Runaljod trilogy left off, yet it marks a distinct evolution in Wardruna's unique sound. In a rich musical tapestry, Wardruna use a broad selection of both traditional and historical instruments such as Kravik-lyre, Trossingen-lyre, Taglharpa, Sootharp, Langeleik, Crwth, Goat- horn, Lur, Bronze-lur, flute, Moraharpa, and the record also features guest appearances by a small group of prominent traditional singers, spearheaded by Kirsten Bråten Berg, one of the most important custodians of Norwegian traditional song. Throughout eleven songs, Kvitravn discusses Northern sorcery, spirit-animals, shadows, nature and animism, the wisdom and meanings of certain myths, various Norse spiritual concepts, and the relation between sage and songs.


About the new album, Wardruna founder Einar Selvik reveals, "To recite and copy the past is not very difficult, but to understand and integrate ancient thoughts, tools and methods with real purpose into a creation that is relevant to the modern era is truly challenging and remains our prime goal in our work"; He continues, "although the album carries a variant of my own totemic artist name, it has, in this context, little to do with me but rather refers to the symbolism and legends of sacred white animals found in Nordic and other cultures all over the world. These highly regarded ghostly creatures, whether a raven, snake, bear, moose, reindeer, elephant or lion - are in animist traditions seen as prophetic, divine messengers, and guardians representing renewal, purity and a bridge between worlds”

Kvitravn is available physically in Australia in the following formats
CD Jewelcase with slipcase and 28-pages booklet
Black 2x12" 180 gr. LP, gatefold, 28-pages booklet

Available now from

Wardruna discography:
Runaljod - gap var Ginnunga (2009)
Runaljod - Yggdrasil (2013)
Runaljod - Ragnarok (2016)
Skald (2018)
Kvitravn (2020)

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