For fans of Motorhead mixed with Dissection

Legacy Mag Premiere: Watch WARCALL's Music Video Go "Mission Commando" Across Europe

New Album Out "Invaders" via Plan B Music

L-R: Phil - Drums, Mat - Guitars, Gord - Vocals and Bass

In fall 2017, Canadian thrashers WARCALL unleashed their latest album "Invaders" plus toured across Europe during October. On their invasion of the continent, the Montreal based band collected video clips from their shows and adventures in France, Germany, Belgium and Czech Republic. 

Teaming up with Legacy Magazine, WARCALL area revealing all the fun captured at the following link: 

The band comments:

"We are very proud to present our new music video 'Mission Commando'. The speed and intensity of the song fits very well the theme of the video that documents our recent trek through Europe. Touring is a relentless fast paced life style and this is the perfect soundtrack to go with the images we captured last fall. Enjoy!"

WARCALL is inspired by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, Dissection and Slayer, their music is fast, aggressive, melodic and dramatic. Unleashing three well-received albums under their bullet-belts (‘Demonarchy’, ‘Blood, Guts and Dirt’, ‘III’), their latest "Invaders" is a concept release based on humans fighting back an alien invasion with a message of fighting oppression, resisting, re-conquering, but without knowing if it is really over.

"Invaders" Album full stream here.

Music Video "Riding With Zombies" (features stock footage from George A. Romero's "Night of The Living Dead" movie and is a track about the grueling life of touring.) here.

Music Video - Bully Bastard here.

"Invaders" Album order via Bandcamp here.

Album and Live Band Line Up:

Gord - Bass and Vocals

Mat - Guitard and Back Vocals
Phil - Drums

For more info: 
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"Big things are happening for Montreal’s WarCall...Motor-Maiden-‘tallica brand of street wise thrash..." - Decibel Mag

"Actually, “very very heavy” doesn’t go far enough. “Bully Bastard” slugs had enough to loosen teeth and leave bruises, and the grooves are damned compulsive, too, so loosen up your neck muscles before diving into this track. But while the song rocks hard enough to shake listeners like rag dolls, the music also channels rage and intensity through the raw grit of the vocals and the grim (but very catchy) vehemence of the riffs." - No Clean Singing

"Fans of an old school thrash/speed sound will find plenty to enjoy throughout Invaders. 10 tracks of meaty metal that makes you want to dig out the old patch jacket & head-bang until your neck fuses." - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"If you enjoy old school thrash, early speedy rock ‘n’ metal MOTÖRHEAD or DARKTHRONE in their thrashy black metal/crusty punk phase then WARCALL will wet your appetite and get you salivating! Dig out your battle vest, your white washed denim jeans and white trainers and bang that head furiously!" - All About The Rock

"If you’re looking for a new school band that respects and incorporates old school cool into their sounds almost flawlessly, then you’ll wanna be all over Invaders." - Blood Rock Media

"il est impératif que les amateurs de thrash québécois découvrent cet autre petit trésor bien de chez nous." - Musik Universe

"Like a black metal Motorhead or the mutant offspring of New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends Tank, WarCall really live up to their name! Indeed the comparisons with Motorhead and Tank are apt as WarCall are a strong power trio. On this, their fourth album (following ‘Demonarchy’, ‘Blood, Guts and Dirt’, and ‘III’), they show themselves to be very much a 21st century band, with a strong groove in their music." - Hellbound

""Invaders" has turned me into a Warcall fanatic overnight! Maybe it will do the same thing to some of you....." - Heavy Metal Time Machine

Track Listing:
1. Mission Commando (4:45)
2. Riding with Zombies (3:32)
3. Bully Bastard (3:13)
4. Mass Extinction (4:43)
5. The Man Who Suffers (5:33)
6. Fight Back (4:25)
7. Black Panther (3:30)
8. Through the Dusk (4:08)
9. Para Belum (4:06)
10. Alien Forces (5:49)